Day 5 – Seoul Arts Center, IBK Chamber Hall

Today, March 21, the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music culminated their 2015 South Korean Tour with a performance at the magnificent Seoul Arts Center, IBK Chamber Hall. In the 600-seat Chamber Hall, the ensemble was grateful to perform for a packed house, which included President Michael A. McRobbie, IU Jacobs School alumnus David H. Jacobs, as well as more than 170 Indiana University alumni.

Of the concert, Jacobs said, “An extraordinary performance, magical in its interpretation with a sustained luminousness throughout. How inspiring it is to watch these young artists grow, right before our eyes … truly an experience that they, nor I for that matter, will ever forget.”

IU Jacobs School of Music Dean Gwyn Richards added, “These young people made us so proud tonight. They traveled together, made music and new memories together, and all the while served as great ambassadors of Indiana University. So rich and filled with promise is this moment – a moment that together they defined.”

I think that each one of us has some sort of “take away” from this tour. The students had a remarkable touring experience, and members of the IU Jacobs School of Music administration visited the other side of the world – through the eyes of these remarkable students. We heard about their individual interests (outside of music, of course!), watched new relationships develop, told jokes, enforced curfews, and challenged one another to be better than we were the day before. But the real joy was watching these students become members of the profession – right before our eyes. If the future of this profession resides in their hands, I promise you – it looks bright.

Our sincere thanks to all those who have made this tour possible. Your advocacy and vision made this dream a reality. Thank you. Melissa Dickson, Director of Development

Below are a few pictures from our last day in the city of Seoul, South Korea:


On our way to the Seoul Arts Center, IBK Chamber Hall!


Kyunghoon Kim (piano) points out to Hyeok Kwon (cello) where the group will be performing this evening


Sara Page (cello), Queenie Edwards (violin), Ines Molares (viola), and Erica Hudson (violin) pose for a quick pick before rehearsal




A few words about the performers and the performance


The women of the IU Jacobs School of Music 2015 South Korean Tour – look at those smiles!


Kyle Sanborn (double bass) gets serious about pre-concert rehearsal


Dakota Smith (timpani) and Steven Munson (horn) – get less serious about pre-concert rehearsal


Tour pic!


IU alumnus David H. Jacobs greets the students after the concert


Dean Gwyn Richards, David H. Jacobs, and Executive Associate Dean Eugene O’Brien pose for a picture in front of Chamber Hall. Check out that banner!


Nathan Bomans (violin), Vivian Tong (cello), Erica Hudson (violin) Ines Molares (viola), Aaron Smith (viola), Sara Page (cello), and Claire Solomon (cello) put their feet up after the concert and reception. Greeting adoring fans is tiring!


Andrew Miller (double bass), Joseph Miller (clarinet), Lindy Tsai (cello), Sara Page (cello), Claire Solomon (cello), and Kyle Snborn (double bass) pose for a pic at the post-concert reception