Day 2 – A Visit to Seoul National University

Today, March 18, the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Chamber Orchestra had time to explore some of Seoul on their own as well as visit Seoul National University. The ensemble delivered an amazing concert and even offered an encore, which featured a traditional Korean folk song that was graciously and beautifully arranged by IU Jacobs School of Music Alumnus, Ari Fisher. Ari Barack Fisher is 23, and a first year Masters degree student in composition. He received his BM at Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, also in composition.  Ari has studied with Iu Jacobs School of Music professors Don Freund, Claude Baker, Sven-David Sandstrom, and he is currently studying with Aaron Travers. To be sure, it was a magical moment and a moving performance that received a standing ovation.

Below are some images from yet another incredible day:

Seoul National University Performance

Seoul National University Performance


Well wishes from IU Alumnus David Jacobs and President Michael A. McRobbie


Claire Solomon (cello) shows Hyeok Kwon (cello) that she is a dumpling-eating pro! Thank you to IU Alumnus William Joo for hosting us for an amazing dinner!


Xiao Ti Guo (viola) shares a snapshot of our delicious dinner – thank you again, IU Alumnus William Joo!


clockwise from top: Andrew Cheshire (violin), Nathan Bowmans (violin), Vivian Tong (oboe), Rose Brown (violin), and Ella Loman (violin) pose for a quick picture. Look at those smiles!


Michael Casto (clarinet) pauses to reflect on this very auspicious moment!


Front to back: Xiao Ti Guo (viola), Yarim Lee (violin), Claire Solomon (cello), and Sara Page (cello) pose outside of Seoul National University


Enjoy some lunch with Sara Page (cello), Claire Solomon (cello), Queenie Edwards (violin), and Lindy Tsai (cello)


Hey Ella Loman (violin), Andrew Cheshire (violin), Nathan Bomans (violin), Vivian Tong (oboe), and Rose Brown (violin) – Please watch your step!






Left to richt: Queenia Edwards (violin), Xiao Ti Guo (viola), and Yarim Lee (violin) stay dry before the concert