Singing Hoosiers Down Under: Ending in Adelaide

Our final three days of the tour were spent in Adelaide, and we couldn’t have asked for better weather to celebrate our remaining time in Australia.

Our last few days were filled with workshops with some incredible groups of people. Following an assembly performance, we spent time at St. Michael’s College working with their senior choir and their younger group, Jive. That afternoon was spent with the extremely energetic and engaged young women of St. Peter’s Girls School. They went absolutely wild during our performance, and asked some very intelligent questions. It seems that no matter what age, what area, or what school we went to throughout Australia, there were always students that were eager to learn, musically gifted and intelligent, and kind and compassionate young people. If they’re the future of music in Australia, we should see some amazing things coming our way.

The next morning was spent with some teachers after their workshop with Ms. Ly Wilder and Dr. Zegree. We gave a short performance, and were then released to spend the afternoon sightseeing in Adelaide. We took a trip to the Cleland Wildlife Park and Glenelg Beach and spent the evening with our host families.

Our final day in Adelaide was spent with free time in the morning and a sound check and final performance in the evening at the Scott Theatre at Adelaide University. We were very lucky to be joined by some of the amazing groups we had spent time with earlier in the week and other community choirs in the first half of the concert, and we took the stage for the second half. Our last song in Australia was Bridge Over Troubled Water, sung with the hundreds of people we had worked with over the week.

Leaving on Monday morning was a sad affair, but we were lucky to have met such incredible people and have them at the airport waving goodbye as we boarded the plane. The entire tour of Australia was such a meaningful experience to each and every one of us, providing us with new life lessons, once-in-a-lifetime memories, and connections with some of the best people we might ever meet. Our sincere thanks go out to everyone that we encountered on this tour – you have all impacted us in ways that we cannot express and could not have imagined.

For now, it’s time for us all to get settled back in our homes and deal with jet lag. Keep an eye as we post photos and videos in the next few weeks!

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