Singing Hoosiers Down Under: Day 10

We’re officially all settled in and loving Adelaide!

This morning we were able to workshop with Adelaide Connection, an incredible jazz choir at the University of Adelaide! They were absolutely amazing and we were so impressed by their blend, sound, and energy. Although we only got about 90 minutes together, we’re hopeful that we will be able to meet up in our free time with some of the students! Music really is the easiest way to bring people together.

The afternoon was spent in Mt. Barker at Cornerstone College. We gave a 30 minute performance to an assembly of about 500 students, mostly grade seven through grade twelve, and then split into three workshops. We had Jive (the junior group) with our assistant director Ly Wilder, the senior choir with Dr. Zegree, and the Soul Band with our wonderful and talented band members. Getting to see high school kids putting that much dedication into workshopping pieces and performing was so energizing for us, and I think both the Singing Hoosiers and the students walked away with even more musical knowledge and understanding than we came in with.

When we mentioned to someone early on in the trip that we would be visiting Adelaide, they said that wasn’t surprising because Adelaide had a lot of music. It’s clear that was a true statement – all the vocalists, instrumentalists, and other musicians or music educators we have encountered so far have been so intelligent, compassionate, and talented. We feel truly lucky to spend our last few days in such a great place (and with such great weather too)!

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