Singing Hoosiers Down Under: Day 7 & 8 & 9

Day 7, 8, and 9… also known as “The Days with Very Little Wi-Fi.” But we’re back & all settled in Adelaide after a brief stop in Sydney.

Our first day in Sydney was incredible. We hopped off the plane to board the coaches with our wonderful guides, Marilyn and Iris and headed off to see the city. Our first (and most important) stop was the Sydney Opera House, where we were able to see the beautiful Harbor Bridge & Sydney Harbor. We were even lucky enough to get to SING in the main concert hall of the Sydney Opera House – we performed our acapella arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner. It was an absolutely incredible space to sing in, with a long echo, and we got a great sound recording (video not allowed) that we hope to post later! We then hit Bondi Beach for some relaxation, and headed to our “hotel apartments” at the Adina Hotel Central for the rest of the evening.

Day two in Sydney was even better than the last, with a morning spent at Manly Beach playing in the waves and shopping. We got back and most of us took naps and explored the city a little more before our perfect evening. We took a dinner cruise out of Sydney Harbor where we cruised around the harbor for 2.5 hours, eating a three-course meal and dancing and enjoying each others company. It was a perfect evening and a great way to finish our time relaxing in Sydney.

Today, day nine, was the beginning of the end of our trip! We were lucky enough to run into one of our favorite people from Brisbane in the airport this morning, Ally! We are all settled in with our host families in Adelaide and we could not be more grateful to have such wonderful people housing us and caring for us for the next five days. After landing this morning, we went straight to Cabra Catholic to perform and workshop with kids from grade six to grade twelve! They were so welcoming and inviting, and the entire reason we’re in Adelaide to begin with is their music teacher, Saz Burton-Claridge. Saz is unbelievably friendly and helpful and we are so grateful for the work she has put in to make our time here a success. After dinner, we were able to work with the Festival Statesmen, a young barbershop choir that blew us away with their talent, blend, and all-around incredible musicianship. We’ll post a video of them on our Facebook and a link to their page to check them out!

As of right now, we’re all in our host homes getting ready to sleep before a morning of two performances/workshops at Adelaide University and Cornerstone College before our time with our host families tomorrow evening.

Lastly, we’d like to thank everyone who’s been active on our Facebook for all of your support and love. If you would like to see trips like this happen in the future, please donate to our tour fund through Every donation will be doubled, and will go into the general Singing Hoosiers Travel Fund to make trips like this a possibility for future students.

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