Singing Hoosiers Down Under: Day 5 & 6

Our last two days in Brisbane have come to a close, and we are hopping on a plane in the morning for Sydney! Saturday was spent with the Queensland Show Choir rehearsing and performing for their 30th Anniversary Concert, and Sunday was spent in the Australian Zoo, competing for the best “selfie” with a kangaroo.

Before we leave Brisbane, it seems only fitting to dedicate one of our posts to the Queensland Show Choir. Without them, this trip literally would never have happened. It was their idea to bring us to Australia in the first place, and it took their dedication and initiative and planning to get us here.

Besides being the reason we are in Australia today, they are also the kindest, most generous, most fun-loving people we could ever imagine meeting. Many of their members opened up their homes to us and kept us fed and gave us beds and a substitute family for the week. Besides that, we had members working as tour guides as we went out during the day, and they were with us in the morning to make sure we got off safely on our next adventure. Mick & Kym Strachan led the efforts, and although I’m sure they are just as exhausted as we are, they greet us every morning with a smile on their face. Michael (the sarcastic one) was there to help us figure out what equipment we needed for each performance and make sure that everything got there and back in one piece. Andrew Hay ran sound for many of our shows, and even helped shuffle things back and forth as we traveled around. There are many more names and many more faces that deserve all the recognition we could possibly muster, but I hope that these few words can convey at least a part of how appreciative we are for the people we met this week.

Although we have seen many beautiful sights and had many great experiences this week, the best part for many of us was the people that we got to interact with and the laughs we shared over the course of rehearsals and performances. Not only are they incredible people, they are also amazing singers and performers. We feel truly lucky to have shared the stage with them.

Although we must say our goodbyes tomorrow, we are hopeful that we will meet again. I can safely say for all of us that any member of the Queensland Show Choir will always have a home in the United States, and we hope to come back here someday. Although words cannot truly suffice… Thank you, Queensland Show Choir – we will always have something to sing about because of our time spent with you.

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