Singing Hoosiers Down Under: Day 4

Even a little bit of rain doesn’t stop another wonderful day in Brisbane!

This morning, we were taken around the city on a walking tour by some wonderful and knowledgeable Brisbane tour guides, finishing up at South Bank for lunch and sightseeing on our own.

The afternoon was spent at an all-girls “college” (what Americans would call a high school) named Mt. Alvernia with special guests from the partnering all-boys college Padua. The workshop was an incredible success – the students were all engaged and eager and made some highly amusing commentary. We were even able to learn two of their songs from their repertoire and perform them together! At the end, the students gave us all Australia hats as a parting gift – something seemingly small that means a lot to the members of the Singing Hoosiers. Their real gift to us was that they provided us with energy and inspiration that carried on well into the evening!

We got to spend dinner eating a delicious barbecue with the members of the Queensland Show Choir, followed by a rousing game of “footy” between some members of each. Following soccer and supper, we closed out with a rehearsal of our combined pieces for our big show tomorrow night and we were allowed to watch the Queensland choirs perform some of their pieces.

In preparation for their big concert tomorrow night, we have to dedicate some grateful words to the members of the Queensland Show Choir. While we literally would not be here without their invitation, we also would not be sleeping in comfortable beds, well-fed every day, exposed to great music made by local people, and feeling like we have truly found a home away from home. Everyone has been so caring and welcoming, and they have provided us with more than we can ever put into words in just a few short days. They all have a home in Indiana in MA 404 if they should ever choose to take it, and we can’t wait to share the stage with them for their sold-out show tomorrow night.

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