Singing Hoosiers Down Under: Day 3

Today can be summed up in one very simple experience. We had a wonderful woman in our community workshop today who is legally blind – she was very engaged, had a beautiful voice, and was extremely kind. Following a performance of one of our songs, she ┬ácommented:

Because I’m legally blind, I can’t really see your faces as you perform… but I can feel the joy. I can feel the joy while you sing.

This one comment moved many of us to tears, because we were able to communicate the happiness and love that we feel as a group and as a family through just the way that we sounded and the energy that we were able to exude.

After our all-day community workshop and feature two hour performance at a packed Brisbane City Hall, we are reminded that music is a universal language. Despite any cultural or personal differences, if there is joy or love or song in your heart, it becomes very easy to make connections with friends both new and old. Today, we are grateful to be in Brisbane, we are grateful for the opportunities we have been given, and we are grateful for music for making it all possible.

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