Singing Hoosiers Down Under: Update

Following the completion of our 64th Spring Concert, The Singing Hoosiers have been back to planning and organizing for our upcoming tour of Australia.

We have had two pieces written for us, including one by Queensland Show Choir founder Robert Clark, and have been in rehearsal a few days a week learning and perfecting this wonderful new music. Trip coordinators are in touch with travel agents, and we have been busily booking concerts and setting travel plans and booking flights and hotels. It is looking like a long flight from Dallas Fort-Worth to Brisbane… 16 hours and 5 minutes! We’ll have to get lots of sleep since we’ll have two performances and a workshop the same day we arrive in Australia! We’re especially looking forward to our feature concert in Brisbane at their newly renovated city hall – the performance space was just opened on April 6th and holds 1600 people.

Special thanks to the Queensland Show Choir and all the amazing work that the people in Brisbane have done for us! They have been instrumental in publicizing our shows and raising awareness and excitement for our visit.

Additional thanks goes out to the incredible support we have received from our Singing Hoosiers alumni, particularly the Singing Hoosiers Alumni Council. It is amazing to receive such encouragement and become closer through the bonds of traveling and the Singing Hoosiers family. Speaking of alumni, we are especially excited to welcome Jennifer Gentry, from the Indiana University Alumni Association onto our trip! She will be traveling with us as a trailblazer, figuring out how it might work to bring alums on tours with the Singing Hoosiers. Her support has been wonderful, and we look forward to teaching her our traditions and sharing memories with her.

However, this great trip would not be possible without fundraising. The students have worked to raise almost $9,000, which will be doubled by an anonymous donor to $18,000. We have also received several student scholarships that will help deserving students who may otherwise not have been able to travel with us. Even with this incredible support, we are still in need of almost $30,000. We are seeking corporate sponsors or donors, people wishing to sponsor students, and small-time donors who may find our cause one that they wish to support. The best way to help is to donate through our page on Fundly – every donation made will be doubled by an anonymous donor. The link to donate is below:

Even if you are not interested in donating, you can read about the work that the Singing Hoosiers are doing and will continue to do, and even explore some of the students’ personal pages to read their thoughts on the group and the amazing experience we have been offered.

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