Australian Hospitality

Following the announcement of the Singing Hoosiers’ trip to Australia, we received a tremendous response. As students, we feel very honored to be invited, but we are also honored by the many people that have supported and continue to support the work that we do on a daily basis. One of the most unexpected things that we found was the amount of Australians and members of the Queensland Show Choir that have reached out to us through email or through our Facebook page to show their support.

Our promotional video that we sent to Queensland and posted on our Facebook page has reached almost 11,000 people and has comments like “We are very excited about you guys visiting sunny Queensland ! Can’t wait!” and “We can’t wait to meet you guys.”

Another great response was this one, from Rhonda Coady from Brisbane:

Excited to learn the Singing Hoosiers will be visiting us (The Queensland Show Choir) in Brisbane for our 30th Anniversary celebrations. The Show Choir was inspired by the Hoosiers. Since their last visit in the late 80s, hundreds of young Australians have entertained themselves and others with the kind of dynamic performances learned from their example. ‘Thank you’ from one who spent 25 years training the younger ones in the tradition.

Needless to say, we are feeling a lot of love from our Singing Hoosier family, both here and overseas, and we look forward to continuing to plan, fundraise, and promote our upcoming tour to Australia.

Check out our first promotional video here!

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