Student Perspective: Alumni

Dr. Zegree along with the Jacobs School of Music have agreed to put the Battle Hymn in the middle of the show to help keep a high-energy pace to the show. In the past, it has not always been the closer of the Spring Concert. One of the biggest complaints for those not in the Singing Hoosiers was the wait for alumni to get onstage with the current group. That is why it has been placed right after Intermission. We will make sure those with special accommodations are handled appropriately by the entirety of the Singing Hoosiers as well as the IU Auditorium staff if necessary.

In response to those who do not believe we are upholding the traditions of the group, I would love to invite each of you to join us in rehearsal from 3:35-4:40pm in Room 404 of the Music Annex, as it has been for many years, to see what the group is like these days. Just because the setlist, the members in the group, and the director changes does not mean the values of the group do. As a senior in the group and a member of the group for 4 years now, I am personally upset with the lack of support and outreach towards the upperclassmen from the SHAA and it scares me to join such a community in 2 months. I personally at this moment do not want to join a group of alumni that throws hurtful comments towards the group without giving them any chances. We’ve worked tirelessly on this Spring Concert all semester, adding Fridays and Sundays to our rehearsal schedule, to put on the best show for you all to enjoy. My favorite part of the Spring Concert is meeting the alumni after the show to reminisce on roadshows and songs. Singing Hoosiers are a family and through thick and thin, we stick together, both alumni and current members. I beg you to not belittle the talent, time, and familial aspect of the Singing Hoosiers still in the ensemble because the group stylistically does something different than what you are used to. Regardless of whether or not you meant for it to affect the group, the reality is that a lot of the comments ARE affecting the attitudes of members currently in the group. As a future teacher, I’ve been constantly reminded that the intention behind a comment is not what matters but how other perceive the comment. I would be lying if I said it’s been an easy transition with Dr. Zegree. These comments just haven’t been helping though and it hurts.

If I can’t convince you that the Singing Hoosiers is essentially the same group just with a different frontman, then I challenge you to convince me that the Singing Hoosier Alumni Association is a group that continues fostering the values that the Singing Hoosiers upheld and STILL uphold to this day and support your future alumni, whether through your actual presence or with your words. I am not saying I support Dr Zegree, nor am I saying I don’t approve of him and his choices. I am simply trying to say the Singing Hoosiers is alive and will continue with the integrity implemented by those in the group last year, 10 years, even 63 years ago. It’s all about the music, and music never dies.

Chris Bishop is a senior, and a 4 year member of the Singing Hoosiers. He will graduate this May with his degree in Spanish education and will continue on to teach. He looks forward to meeting and chatting with Singing Hoosier Alumni at the Spring Concert on March 23rd. 

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