Student Perspective: The Importance of Leaders

It is said that in order to be happy in college, you must achieve the golden triad: get good sleep, maintain good grades, and have an active social life. Realistically, the average college student can manage only two of these things at a time. Everyone at some time in their life has been faced with choices like these – do I get a good night of sleep or finish all the work that needs to be done by tomorrow? Do I spend time with my friends and catch up or get a good night of sleep? We rationalize by saying that we won’t do well without a good night of sleep anyways, or that it’s necessary to spend time with friends for our mental health, but in reality, we’re almost always lacking one of these things.

This constant struggle for balance between school, social life, and personal care is what makes me so impressed with student leaders. In the Singing Hoosiers, we have what seems to be an endless supply of student leaders. We have our student manager, our choreographers, our production team for the Spring Concert, and a parade of others that cover costumes, philanthropy, equipment, and other odd jobs. Filling one of these roles can mean countless emails, jobs that need to be done, music that needs to be written, and people that need to be organized.

These students take on copious amounts of work that they are under no obligation to do. They aren’t compensated. They receive no class credit. They are, in fact, responsible for many of the things that happen in the Singing Hoosiers, yet they remain fairly unknown. The titles they receive are put in a program, but many people aren’t able to understand the amount of work these students put in. Without the work of many of these people, we wouldn’t have a choir. We wouldn’t be able to put on shows.

It is important to realize how much work goes into every production that the Singing Hoosiers put on. The student leaders that put in so much time deserve more credit than they will ever receive, and as students, we not only put our whole hearts and voices into the show, but also unbelievable amounts of our time and energy. Each performance is a representation of ourselves as individuals and as a group more than it is a recitation of song. The Singing Hoosiers are a time-honored, proud group, and I am proud to be a part of something that houses such amazing people, leaders, and musicians.

Student writer Kendall Westbrook has been a member of the Singing Hoosiers for 4 semesters. She is a junior from Dallas, Texas, and is currently studying Criminal Justice.

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