Shpectacular Shanghai Show

Our concert in Shanghai was a blast!  We arrived at the Shanghai Concert Hall early in the morning, because our concert was going to be a morning concert!  (funny how that works, eh?) Accustomed to our four hours of rehearsal time in Beijing, our allotted two hours of rehearsal had us (or at least Elisabeth and I) a bit worried…but we used our time well and were ready for our performance!  The hall was gorgeous…it had pastel-painted ornate woodwork framing the entire house and stage, it reminded me of many of the scenes from The King’s Speech. This concert was bound to be especially exciting because it was going to be broadcast on national radio; every other week this radio station broadcasts a live performance from the Shanghai Concert Hall, and we were the featured performers of that week!  This, of course, made us a bit nervous, simply because everything audible would be broadcast, and a major aspect of our concerts is our visual appeal! On the other hand, it also made the whole experience a lot more exciting!  We had a full house of around 1,000 people, and the audience was a bit more energetic than that of Beijing.  The concert substantially longer than most of our concerts, because we had a Chinese narrator for this one!  His narrations were so lengthy and laugh-inducing (from the Chinese-understanding audience) that I was convinced he was doing a full-fledged comedy routine in between all of our songs!  But after the concert Mr. Tuet explained that our narrator was actually a very famous television and radio personality, and his narrations were thorough descriptions of the proceeding songs and the histories of both them and their composers as well as information about our group and Indiana University.  He had thoroughly researched not only our choir, but our school, state, and really every other topic that has ever had anything to do with the Singing Hoosiers, and it was obvious.  It was a successful concert, and we got to do our encore again! Here is a link to video of this concert!:

Love from Laurel Crutchfield

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