Big Band Extravaganza

Question:What is more fun than two full big bands on stage at the same time?
Answer: Doing sound for two full big bands on stage at the same time!

Mark Galup and Laura Sisk are recording the 50+ channels armed with a Soundcraft Vi6. This is simply a beautiful console!

John Irmiter and Patrick Moore are running the Midas Siena for the six monitor mixes while Wayne Jackson runs the front-of-house PA via the Digico D5. Showing us what is going on is Chris Robinson and Tim Smiley on the three Sony XDCAM cameras and Sony switcher.

It’s not all about the gears, but it certainly is fun to learn on top-notch equipment. However, setting up the equipment does take a long time. Here is the 4hr load-in time-lapsed into 3mins.

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