After our first semester of recording directly to Wavelab and using a completely file-based workflow, the results are in! The Department of Recording Arts recorded 227 events encompassing 854 hours of crew time. With some crews requiring more than one engineer, almost 4000 man-hours were reported by our students! All in one semester! The majority of these hours were performed by freshman, with a fairly linear regression down through the seniors. (However, the percentages match the number of students per class; every students is required the same number of hours regardless of seniority.) The majority of our crew time was spent working Graduate Recitals with the Opera and Ballets coming in at a respectable second.

2007 Spring Semester Analysis of Hours

The completely-new workflow went very well! The 227 events resulted in ~400 hours or recorded sound. This sound encompassed ~1 Terabyte of data, not including our HD video recordings. The entire 1TB of data was always stored in at least two separate locations and was kept track of almost entirely by perl scripts. We delivered 93% of the concerts to the library with no reported errors. Out of the remaining 7%, 5% of the errors were minor documentation issues that slipped by our quality control staff. Only ~2% (1.7521145374%) had mistakes in the files that required significant correction!

2007 Spring Semester Analysis of Delivered Concerts

I’d say that’s a pretty successful first try! Thanks to all our students for their hard work. Also, thanks to the library’s Variations staff for working with us on this project.

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