Those on the Outside Think So Too…

Our industry is certainly opinionated when it comes to how to record… There are many different approaches and an infinite array of gear one could throw at a particular ensemble. It’s good to listen to the opinions of the seasoned professionals who have “been there, done that… twice”, and learn from them.

Recently, Glenn Meadows visited the Department of Recording Arts with some wise words. He had a brief slide show and lecture chronicling the “spotty” history of recording. Glenn masterfully used old techie pictures to discuss the how’s and why’s of what we do today. Most notably, he echoed several of the principle recording techniques we emphasize at IU. Glenn encouraged students to start with fewer microphones. He suggested putting up a stereo pair, then placing the ensemble around it to get a recording. Learning the aspects of mic placement with two mics will drastically improve your ability to place multiple when necessary. Great lesson…

Glenn also discussed his view of the industry for graduating students. He stressed the importance of being well rounded and versatile. Also, he suggested studying business with the mindset of running yourself as a business. With much of the music industry moving to freelance work, knowing how to get the bills paid is very important. After the meeting with the students, Glenn complimented IU’s audio program for allowing for each student to select his or her minor area of focus. This approach develops a versatile audio engineer who can benefit a studio in more ways than just recording.

As a prominent engineer in today’s audio industry, Glenn Meadows’ lecture was a welcomed glimpse into the post-graduation world. Hopefully he, and others like him, will return to speak in the future.

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