HRH – an important acronym

Eiddwen Harrhy and His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales

Today was another mind-blowing day, and yet again, the lovely RCM folks placed us in the presence of greatness with graciousness and the utmost generosity.  Allow me to delay gratification for a few paragraphs and outline the slightly less life-changing but still fantastically educational moments of our day first before divulging the juiciest info.

We started our day with a tasty hotel breakfast with Simona and yet another gorgeous morning walk through Hyde Park.  We watched a mock-auditions class with some of the RCM masters students with Sally Burgess, and then lunched with Abby Mitchell.  I had my first “bangers and mash”, and it was super tasty.  I’m proud of myself for being very adventurous and trying as many traditional English dishes I can get my hands on.  So far, it’s worked out in my favor!  We three each had another session with Jonathan Kenny, and I got to revive some Handel I haven’t touched for a few years.  It’s always lovely to sing something you haven’t worked on in a while and still be able to wail on it without old bad habits creeping back 🙂

Now, all these things were great, but the best part BY FAR was getting to attend the President’s Visit at the RCM.  Now, RCM stands for ROYAL College of Music, and as you might have guessed, the Royal family has something to do with the College.  The President of the college is His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.  In essence, we got to attend an event with a PRINCE!  For those of us who don’t have Royal figures (unless you count Britney Spears or Kim Kardashian), this was a big deal.  The most amazing part of the whole event was when Eiddwen Harrhy got an award, and during her introduction, they discussed her visits to IU, her work with Georgina Joshi, and the scholarship between the institutions.  As you can imagine, we all fist-pumped at this point, and the fact that our school was mentioned in front of the Prince was completely unbelievable.  Go IU, and go Eiddwen!!!

After this glorious moment for which we claim eternal bragging rights, we had a delicious dinner with Simona and George at Wagamama, and then while Jessica spent some time with her lovely family, Michael and I got some dessert and turned in early for some skype time with our loved ones back home.  As you can imagine, we’re starting to be a little homesick, but we’re loving every minute here and can’t believe the trip is already half over 🙁

More excellent things to come tomorrow!  Goodnight, and enjoy the pictures!


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