When in London…

First, and most importantly, our contacts at RCM are quite fired up about the fact that we haven’t posted any pictures featuring their facilities or faculty.  So please view our wonderful photos attached to this post, many of which where photographed by the lovely Nina Akif (Nina, we love you!!)

We got to lunch with Eiddwen Harhhy, which was lovely (and tasty!).  We had a delicious meal in the Royal Albert Hall cafe.  Jessica had an absolutely fantastic coaching with her, and after that, both Michael and I got to work with Jonathan Kenny.  We all sang Mozart today, and they both had very constructive comments.  We walked out of RCM feeling quite confident and rejuvenated, which if you ask me, is how one should feel after singing…no matter what!

We had a delicious Greek dinner with Jessica’s family, and then went to a small British dive with Simon, one of our “RCM buddies”.  It was great getting to know him and his friends, and also to experience a bunch of locals watching a football match in a pub!  (translation: watching soccer in a bar).

Tomorrow is yet another full day of work and learning.  We’re hoping that our jetlag has finally waned enough that we’ll be able to fall asleep and get up at normal times feeling rested and ready to work!

G’nite <3


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