Late Update

I don’t think I have ever taken a trip like this one; almost every single moment has been so incredible, it’s kind of hard to believe that this is still happening. Monday was so full of mind-blowing activities….I still can’t believe I actually got to touch an original copy of a Mozart piano concerto….Olivia put it best when she said that shivers were literally traveling down the spine all day! Sooooooooooooo Cooooooooooool!! The Royal College of Music is so incredible. There is so much history in the building. It was such an honor to be able to walk around and see their collection of music, art, instruments, etc. It was also a really cool thing to see the rehearsal to the Handel opera they will be performing next week. There was so much talent on the stage, and the hall was absolutely gorgeous.
We also were able to go see The Magic Flute at the Royal Academy of Music (thanks to Simona and George!). This was a blast! We met several incredible people at this academy, saw a collection of original Stradivari violins (and a cello!), poked around at some famous pianos, and we ended the evening by watching the opera. It was really interesting to see the opera set in the 80’s, but it was a very fun show overall!
Today was another trip to the Royal College of Music where we met with Georgina’s incredible voice teacher Eiddwen Harrhy and a very distinguished early music coach/singer named Jonathan Kenny. Jessica had a lesson with Eiddwen, and Olivia and I had coachings with Jonathan. It was sooooooo much fun! I learned a ton from Mr. Kenny, and I can’t wait for my lesson with Eiddwen.
I am so excited to see what the coming days will bring us!!

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