Another Surreal Moment in London

Today was another full day for the three of us! We all had fantastic coachings with Jonathan Kenny at the RCM. It was soooooooo much fun…again! All of these mind-blowing experiences can make one very sleepy……After coachings were all done we went back to the hotel to change because….drum roll………..WE GOT TO SEE THE PRINCE OF WALES!! It was so crazy!! He came to the RCM fo present awards and fellowships to some former students and faculty members. Prince Charles walked about 5 feet away from us, and he smiled at us!! We finished the evening with two of our favorite people, George and Simona. They told us stories of coming to the states as we shared a meal at one of Georgina’s favorite restaurants. It was like eating at a fancy, ethnic Chipotle……SO GOOD! Georgina had great taste in food and people! Once again, we have loved every minute during this day. Hopefully we can all get some rest before the next day begins!

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