Geeking out

Sorry for the radio silence…the internet service our hotel uses was down all over London yesterday for about 12 hours, and we were pretty much without a way to communicate with both the RCM people here and our friends and family in the States for most of the evening.  But we’re back online now, and I’m so excited to share our experiences from yesterday with you.

Yesterday at RCM was a geek’s paradise.  I cannot emphasize this enough…PARADISE.  We started out observing the “Riccardo, primo” staging rehearsal, which was really inspiring.  These students are no joke…they’re killing this Handel, and I heard some of the most beautiful countertenor voices I’ve ever experienced.  We had lunch with our student buddies who are really fantastic, and I got to meet Abigail Mitchell, the IU Joshi international fellow.  Also, every music student in the States, be prepared to be very jealous: these kids have a lounge called BaRCM (Bar RCM).  Yes, it is a bar with ALCOHOL IN SCHOOL, but they also have video games, a pool table, a DJ set up, and a little mini stage where students will put on concerts and have jam sessions.  What an amazing idea…I’m pretty green with envy.

Now, here’s where it gets geek-tastic.  We went to the RCM library and had a consultation with one of the head honchos there.  He pulled several extremely rare manuscripts for us to look at, and we got to touch pieces of music worth more than the school itself.  Here’s the kicker – we touched…yes, TOUCHED a Mozart manuscript of a piano concerto.  We literally touched paper that Mozart wrote on.  I had chills, and was almost brought to tears.  It was probably one of the most significant moments of my career, and certainly of my life.  I can’t thank everyone who made this trip possible enough, because that moment was so flipping perfect, and I will probably never get another chance like that again.

After having our lives changed, we met Simona and George, friends of Georgina’s, and they took us to the Royal Academy’s production of “Magic Flute”, which was really fantastic.  They updated it to the 80’s and the opening scene was in Studio 54.  They did a really good job overall, and the staging was a bit bizzare, but very engaging nonetheless.

Overall, the day was absolutely wonderful, and I still can’t get over the fact that we touched something Mozart touched!!!!!!  Happy geek over here…very happy geek indeed 😀

By the way, this thing is worth about $160 million. Yeah.


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