Our first day!

This day has been absolutely surreal…which is due in large part, I’m sure, to our extreme jetlag.  We wandered sleepily through Heathrow and customs, met our driver, and pulled up to our quaint hotel in Notting Hill.  We packed away a GIGANTIC traditional English breakfast and then headed to St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church for noon communion.  It was a very traditional and private service, and it was unexpectedly moving.  After receiving communion, I looked to Jessica and saw tears trickling down her face.  She had dreamed of attending a mass in a London cathedral since she was a little girl, and the beauty of this little church was simply overwhelming for all of us.  But then again, so was this fantastic little shoe store we found a few blocks away from our hotel.  Maybe the exhaustion is getting to us more than we anticipated…

In addition to our English breakfast, we had a dinner at a pub, where we shared an assortment of pies, fish and chips, and peas.  It was super tasty, and I’m looking forward to chowing down on a lot more traditional English fare!

Tomorrow, we get to go to the Royal College of Music campus and meet with one of Georgina Joshi’s good friends, Simona.  I’m so excited to take a ton more pictures and attend the RCM library and museum.  But now, after several hours of travel and almost no sleep, we’re ready to pass out at about 8:30pm London time.  Looking forward to a good night’s rest and a fantastic day tomorrow!



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