First Day!

Today was incredible! London is such an amazing place!!! Jess, Olivia, and I have been living it up on our first day. We have walked around the neighborhood several times (one of those times was an accident due to our inability to navigate with a map…..). I have to say the highlight of the day, other than watching Jessica function with an hour and a half of sleep, was our visit to the park. There is an incredible park about three or four blocks away from the hotel. Words cannot describe this place. There were families playing soccer, sitting on the grass, walking around with their pets, and, most importantly, feeding the HUGE GEESE! There were tons of ducks and geese that were feasting on the infinite amount of bread crumbs. It was such a cool sight! We ended our day with some pub grub and Phase 10. Overall, the first day here was pretty incredible. Can’t wait to report more!


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