Menahem Pressler performs “Winterreise” with Christoph Pregardien at the Verbier Festival

A musical highlight of the 2012 Swiss Verbier Festival was a recent performance of Schubert’s song cycle “Winterreise”  by tenor Christoph Pregardien and Distinguished Professor Menahem Pressler. This was the first time the legendary pianist performed the work.

Click here for access to a video of the concert:!/christoph-pregardien-menahem-pressler-verbier-festival-2012

Menahem Pressler with Verbier festival director Martin Engstroem (left) and pianist Martha Argerich (center, with Pressler). Engstroem mentioned that the performance of "Winterreise" was one of the highlights of his 19 years as director of the festival. To the right is conductor Tibor Takacs.

In preparation for the concert, Pressler commented that “I have loved it all my life. To do it, especially at this point in my life and with a singer whose recording is stunning, is thrilling. His record accompanies me every single day. I do many other things, but this is the center of my summer life.”

The pair will also perform the work on Dec. 15 in Detroit, Mich., and on Dec. 16–Pressler’s 89th birthday–in Bloomington, Ind. Their 2013 performances include at the Cité de la Musique in Paris.


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