REVIEW: Edward Auer recital – Piano work stunning


Piano work stunning

By Peter Jacobi H-T Reviewer |
March 6, 2012

In the evening, Debussy

Pianist Edward Auer spent Sunday night on the stage of Auer Hall, devoting his estimable talents to Claude Debussy, a switch from Chopin and the Romantic repertoire one has become accustomed to hear from him. He accomplished some stunning work.

First, along came “Estampes,” three mood pieces meant to conjure images of pagodas, the dance of Spain, and gardens. In Auer’s busy hands, they conjured. His talented wife, Junghwa Moon Auer, joined him for the two-piano “En blanc et noir” (“Black and White”), a complex exercise that requires the utmost in timing and dynamic balances, musts that the Auers supplied.

To conclude, Auer performed Debussy’s Book II of Preludes, twelve tonal paintings that musically define Impressionism, the layers of sound, the harmonies that come to tease and go unresolved, the parallel use of chords, the colors that shimmer, the ripples and runs. In these Preludes, running close to 40 minutes, the challenges for a pianist never end. Auer treated them with assurance and finesse. And, amazingly, he played from memory. Quite a feat.

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