American Public Media airs Jacobs School of Music Pipedreams Concerts

American Public Media has released the October and November program listings for Pipedreams. Included are the two episodes of Pipedreams Live! recorded at the Jacobs School of Music in February of this year. The concerts feature performances by organ professors Janette Fishell and Christopher Young along with their students. The Feb. 13 Auer Hall recital airs on Monday, Oct. 10, while the Feb. 14 Alumni Hall recital airs on Monday, Oct. 17. Both programs can be heard at 10 pm locally on WFIU, and at other times throughout those weeks at stations around the country that carry Pipedreams.

PIPEDREAMS Program No. 1641: Airing on 10/10/2016
Pipedreams Live! at Indiana University (I) . . . from Auer Hall at the Jacobs School of Music in Bloomington, this first of two programs featuring organ students of Janette Fishell and Christopher Young.

[Hour 1]
Tournemire/Duruflé: Improvisation sur le ‘Te Deum’ – JinHee Kim
J. S. Bach: Fugue in D Major, BWV 532 – Diana Chou
J. S. Bach: ‘Kyrie, Gott heilieger Geist’ from “Clavierubung III” – Matthew Gerhardt
Parry: Fantasia in G Major, Op. 188/1 – Lucas Fletcher
Reger: Benedictus, Op. 59 No. 9 – Leah Martin
Barié: Elégie – Mike Powell
Dupré: Cortège et litanie, Op. 19 No. 2 – Ryan Brunkhurst

[Hour 2]
Vierne: ‘Naiades’ from “Pièces de fantaisie, Suite IV, Op. 55” – Carolyn Craig
Bolcom: Sweet Hour of Prayer – Katie Burk
Mathias: Jubilate, Op. 67 No. 2 – Nikolai Peek
Albright: Chorale Prelude (1967) – Douglas Reed
Froberger: Toccata da sonarsi alla levatione – Nicholas Quardokus
Stang: Selections from “Potpourri” (2016) – Nicholas Quardokus
Escaich: Evocation II (1996) – Nara Lee

The featured instrument in Auer Hall was built by C. B. Fisk of Gloucester, MA (Opus 135, 68-ranks) and inaugurated in April 2010.

PIPEDREAMS Program No. 1642: Aairing on 10/17/2016
Pipedreams Live! at Indiana University (II) . . . from Alumni Hall at the Jacobs School of Music in Bloomington, this second program featuring organ students of Janette Fishell and Christopher Young, plus their teachers.

[Hour 1]
Mendelssohn: Sonata in B-Flat Major, Op. 65 No. 4 – Brent te Velde
J. S. Bach: Nun komm der Heiden Heiland, BWV 659 – Nohn Nothaft
Bruhns: Praeludium in G Minor – Chere Ko
J. S. Bach: Selections from Organ Sonata No. 4 in E Minor, BWV 528 – Jaime Carini
Eben: ‘Gretchen’ from “Faust for Organ” – Janette Fishell
Sweelinck: Pavana lachrymae, SwWV 328 – Robert Welch

[Hour 2]
Glass/Riesman/Joyce: Satyagraha (Act III conclusion) – Christopher Young
Vierne: Organ Symphony No. 3 in F-Sharp Minor, Op. 28 – Peter Rogahn
Vierne: Selections from “Pièces de fantaisie, Suite 1, Op. 51” – Dalong Ding
Dupré: Antiphon 3 and Magnificat 6, from Vepres du commun, Op. 18 – Charles Webb
Vierne: ‘Allegro’ from “Organ Symphony No. 2 in E Minor, Op. 20” – Nicole Simental

The featured instrument in Alumni Hall was built in 1987 by C. B. Fisk (Opus 91, 56-ranks) and originally installed in a special auditorium on the grounds of Pony Tracks Ranch in Portola Valley, CA. It was relocated to Bloomington in 2013.

For more information about these recitals, please visit the event pages:
February 13 Recital in Auer Hall
February 14 Recital in Alumni Hall

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