William H. Bates (M.M. ’68, D.M. ’78) and Janette S. Fishell (B.M. ’81, M.M. ’82) are recipients of the Oswald Gleason Ragatz Distinguished Alumni Award 2012

The Oswald Gleason Ragatz Distinguished Alumni Award was established concurrently with the inauguration of Indiana Organists United in 2005, and biennial awards have been given every two years to deserving alumni.  The awards honor longtime professor and chairman of the organ department at the Jacobs School of Music, Oswald Ragatz (1917-2011), who established the tradition of excellence in organ performance and pedagogy for which the department is still recognized today.  Nominees are considered based upon their contributions to the organ and church music fields, and how their work proudly reflects the heritage and mission of the Jacobs School of Music organ department.

Recipients of the fourth biennial award for 2012 are William H. Bates (MM ’68; DM ’78) and Janette S. Fishell (BM ’81, MM ’82).

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