2011 – Paisaje Urbano

With El Taller and the Latin American Popular Music Ensemble

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About the CD:

Paisaje Urbano sings the landscape of Latin American cities and their music genres. The journey starts in Buenos Aires, with Piazzolla’s fiery Libertango, and ends in Rio de Janeiro with Jobim’s cool bossa nova tune Água de beber. Both owe something also to Paris and New York. The tango-vals by Carlos Gardel, Lejana tierra mía, and song recreations in Rapsodia en Bolero and Ódiame take us further north, but also back in time, when guitar trios serenaded young city women under the tropical night. Latin urban styles are not only sophisticated explorations of love and dance. Siembra, written by Rubén Blades, speaks of moral values, and María Suite raises important social issues. Indeed, this Paisaje Urbano mixes haunting memories of a rural past with the vital modernity of city life.

Marysol Quevedo

About the Project:

Paisaje Urbano was conceived by El Taller as an adventurous synthesis of both traditional and urban Latin styles with the techniques of jazz and modern classical music. El Taller is the advanced workshop and performing group of the Latin American Popular Music Ensemble (LAPME), which was created by Indiana University’s Latin American Music Center for the exploration of Latin American music from the perspective of the classical musician. For more information, visit www.music.indiana.edu/lamc/recordings.



Paisaje Urbano was released at the LAMC’sFiftieth Anniversary Conference held at Indiana University on October. 19-23, 2011. The Latin American Popular Music Ensemble and El Taller performed a concert in Auer Hall at Indiana University on November 30, 2011, at 8 p.m., as the official release concert of the recording.


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