2013 – Nubes Bajas

A Collection of Solo Cello Music from Latin America




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The Latin American Music Center is pleased to present this recording of cellist Nicholas Mariscal, Grand Prize winner of the Third Latin American Music Recording Competition (2013). This event is a continuation of the Annual Competition in the Performance of Music from Spain and Latin America that started in 1998. In 2011, the fiftieth anniversary of the LAMC’s founding, the format changed to focus on Latin American music, with a grand prize of a professional recording project. Members of the 2013 jury were Erszébet Gaál, Espen Jensen, Julian Hook, Thomas Walsh, and Brandon Vamos, with non-voting moderator Erick Carballo.

The cover art, Nubes bajas by Costa Rican artist Max Rojas, references community life but focuses principally on nature. The artwork and the recording together celebrate these diverse elements that intertwine to establish cultural identity in Latin America.

Sponsored by the Guillermo and Lucille Espinosa Fund for Artistic and Research Projects of the Latin American Music Center, and by the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University.  ® © 2013 The Trustees of Indiana University. More information about composers, works, and performers at music.indiana.edu/lamc

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