2011- …Eco de violín

A Collection of New Latin American Music for Violin with Piano and Electronics

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"...Eco de violin" Cover

The Latin American Music Center at Indiana University is pleased to present this recording of violinist Colin Sorgi and pianist Jooeun Pak, Grand Prize winners of the First Latin American Music Recording Competition (January 2011). This recording was released during the conference “Cultural Counterpoints: Musical Interactions between the United States and Latin America,” which took place at Indiana University between October 19 and 23, 2011.  Both the recording and the conference are part of the series of events celebrating the LAMC’s golden jubilee (1961-2011).

Sponsored by the Guillermo and Lucille Espinosa Fund for Artistic and Research Projects of the Latin American Music Center, and by the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University.

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