Examining the Musical Interactions between the U.S. and Latin America



General Schedule (updated 10/18/2011)

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Wednesday, Oct. 19th

5:30pm, Lilly Library

Guided tour of the Lilly Library Collections. Sign up by email to (Emma Dederick). Subject Heading = LAMC Conference Library Tours  Lilly

Inaugural Exhibit at the Lilly Library

Items from the Julián Orbón, Guillermo Espinosa and Mendel Collections

6:30pm, Lilly Library

Jacobs School of Music’s Dean Gwyn Richards’ Welcome Address

Conference’s Inaugural Exhibit and Short Recital [open to the public]

  • Works by Juan Orrego Salas, Tania León and others TBA. Colin  Sorgi, violin; Jooeun Pak, piano, Grand Prize Winners, Latin American Music Center Recording Competition

7:30pm, IU Art Museum

Welcome Reception [open to registered conference participants]

Thursday, Oct. 20th

8:00am: Guided tour of the Indiana University Archives of Traditional Music. Sign up by email to (Emma Dederick).Subject Heading = LAMC Conference Library Tours ATM

The IU-ATM holds the largest university-based ethnographic sound archives in the US, and an impressive collection of Latin American field recordings. Times for self-guided visits can be found here:

9:00am, Lilly Library—Registration on site (registration will continue through the duration of the conference)

9:30-11am, Lilly Library—Session I: Music and United States Inter-American Diplomacy

  • 9:30am—Shaping Perceptions: Early Experiments in Musical Diplomacy and Inter-American Relations, Jennifer L. Campbell, Central Michigan University
  • 10:00am—The Rockefeller Foundation and Latin American Music during the Cold War: Meeting Points of Music, Policy, and Philanthropy, Eduardo Herrera, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • 10:30am—Inter-American Musical Encounters During the Cold War: Festival of Spain and the Americas, Madrid, 1964, Alyson Payne, University of California, Riverside
  • 11:00am—Break

11:15am-12:00pm, Lilly Library—Session II: Latin American Music Libraries and Collections in the USA

  • 11:15am—El Dorado in Philly: Latin American Symphonic Music in the Fleisher Collection, Gary Galván, La Salle University, Free Library of Philadelphia
  • 11:45am—Music in the Bernardo Mendel Collection, Bernard Gordillo
  • 12:00pm—Lunch

1:30-4:00pm, Indiana Memorial Union-Dogwood Room—Session III: Recent Musical Interaction between Cuba and USA

  • 1:30pm—Radio Dialogues: U.S. Musical Influences on Cuban Alternative Music , Susan Thomas, University of Georgia
  • 2:00pm—Cuban Pan-Americanism: Cuban Music Exchanges with the US and Latin America before and after the 1959 Revolution, Marysol Quevedo, Indiana University
  • 2:30pm—Somos Iguales: Cuban Hip-Hop in the Age of Social Networks, Alyssa Pereira, Tish School of the Arts, New York University and Society of Ethnomusicology
  • 3:00pm—Awkward and Uneven Musical Flows: The Politics of Increased U.S.-Cuban Musical Interaction, Tim Storhoff, Florida State University

3:30pm—Special presentation: Cuban composers in the US, presentation and discussion by Tania León and Ileana Perez-Velazquez


5:00pm, Sweeney Hall—Keynote address I: Singing Blackness across Borders. Capeyuye and Mascogo Identity in Northern Mexico, Alejandro L. Madrid, University of Illinois, Chicago

6:15pm—Dinner break

7:45pm, Auer Hall—Pre-concert talk, David Dzubay

8:00pm, Auer Hall—New Music Ensemble Concert

Friday, Oct. 21st

9:00am-10:30am, IMU Dogwood Room—Session IV: Latin American Music and US Film and Media

  • 9:00am—Olin Downes and the Reception of Latin American Composers in the United States, Luiz Fernando Lopes, Indiana University
  • 9:30am–Sinfonia Amazônica: Amazing and Barely Known, Irineu Guerrini Jr., Faculdade Cásper Líbero
  • 10:00am—Walt Disney and Diplomacy: The Musical Impact of Aquarela do Brasil, Charles Morris and Elizabeth Berndt Morris


11:00am-12:15pm, IMU Dogwood Room—Session V: Latin American Music as Agent of Educational and Cultural Change in the USA

  • 11:00am—Save the Children or Save the Music: Venezuela’s El Sistema as Syncretic Aesthetic and Pedagogical Export, Ludim Rebeca Pedroza, Texas State University
  • 11:30am–How does a Latin American Music Initiative impact an American Charter School Community? Observations from El Sistema Boston, Katherine L. Campe, Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Brian L. Kaufman, Conservatory Lab Charter School
  • 11:45am—Increasing Cultural Awareness through Choral Music , Kimberly Meisten, Vocal Essence
  • 12:00pm—Music schools and musical activity in 17th-Century New Mexico Missions, Tomas Lozano, Museo de la Música Luis Delgado

12:15 pm-1:15 pm, International Center—Brasilian Instrumenta Music-Noon Concert Series with light lunch, with Almir Côrtes (guitar), Nilton Moreira (flute) & Leandro Barsalini (Percussion).

1:30pm-2:45pm, Sweeney Hall—Session VI: On Art Music Composers

  • 1:30pm—Roque Cordero (1917–2008) in the United States, Marie Labonville, Illinois State University
  • 2:15pm—Exotic birds, awkwardly scattered and generally spluttering: Silvestre Revueltas vis-a-vis US Pan-Americanism, Roberto Kolb, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

3:00-4:30pm, Sweeney Hall—Session VII: Copland and His Impact on Latin American Music

  • 3:00pm–Ginastera in Washington: Correspondence with Copland and Spivacke at the Library of Congress (provisional title), Deborah Schwartz-Kates, University of Miami
  • 3:45pm—Revisiting Copland’s Mexico, Leonora Saavedra, University of California, Riverside


5:00pm, Sweeney Hall—Keynote address II: Music and Pan Americanism: New Directions in Historiography?” Carol Hess, Michigan State University

6:00pm, Sweeney Hall—Short Film: Juan Orrego-Salas, the LAMC and the Life of a Composer in the US

6:30pm—Dinner break

8:00pm—MAC, Opera: Bolcom’s A View from the Bridge

Saturday, Oct. 22nd

9am-11am, Sweeney Hall—Session VII: On Art Music Composers

  • 9:00am—Musical Analysis of 16 Poesilúdios for Piano, by Almeida Prado, According to Analytical Techniques Developed by American Theorists, Adriana Lopes Moreira, Universidade de São Paulo
  • 9:30am—Turn-of-the-Century Buenos Aires Viewed from New York: Astor’s Piazzolla’s setting of Borges’s “El hombre de la esquina rosada,” John Turci-Escobar, Washington University of St. Louis
  • 10:00am—Camelia’s truths in Únicamente la verdad: Narrative, History, and Musical Gesture, Erick Carballo, Indiana University
  • 10:30am—Brief overview of the musical dialogue between Bolivia and United States, Isaac Terceros, Universidade de São Paulo
  • 10:45am—Alejandro Monestel and his Rhapsodies for Military Band: San José and New York, Tania Camacho Azofeifa, Butler School of Music, The University of Texas at Austin

11am-12:45pm, Sweeney Hall—Session IX: US Influence on the Development of Latin American Musicology

  • 11:00am—Robert M. Stevenson’s Inter-American Music Review: Thirty Years of Landmark Publishing, Walter Aaron Clark, University of California, Riverside
  • 11:45am—Gerard Béhague: from Panamericanism to Multiculturalism, Maria Alice Volpe, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
  • 12:15pm— George List and Colombian Musicology, Egberto Bermudez, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

12:45—Lunch break

2:15pm-3:45pm, Sweeney Hall—Session X: Mutual and Diverse Perceptions and Negotiations between the USA and Mexico

  • 2:15pm—Bordering Spaces and Encounters in Music of Gabriela Ortiz, Marianne Kielian-Gilbert, Indiana University
  • 2:45pm—The Sounds of Mexico: Music in the OCIAA Documentaries, Jacky Avila, University of California, Riverside
  • 3:15pm –Audioscapes: Interpreting Nationalistic Perspectives Through Transnational Death Metal (Band: Brujeria), Michael Mena, University of Texas – Panamerican
  • 3:30pm—Double Meanings in Carlos Chávez’s Horsepower, Christina Taylor Gibson, The Catholic University of America


4pm-5:00pm, Sweeney Hall—Keynote address III: “The Danzón and Caribbean Musical Influences onEarly Jazz,” Robin Moore, University of Texas at Austin

5:00-6:00pm, Sweeney Hall—Session XI: The Interactions of Ragtime and Jazz with Latin American Popular Music Genres

  • 5:00pm—Alcajazz: Afro-Peruvian Forms of Musical Knowledge and the Shaping of Afro-Peruvian Jazz, Javier León, Indiana University
  • 5:30pm—Brazilian styles and jazz elements: Hybridization in the music of Hermeto Pascoal, Almir Cortes, Universidade Estadual de Campinas – UNICAMP
  • 5:45pm—Ragtime traces in the Brazilian choro Segura ele! [Hold him!] by Pixinguinha: composition and performance hybridization after the trip to Paris in 1922, Nilton Antônio Moreira Júnior and Fausto Borém, UNIRIO – Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro


6:30pm, Auer Hall—Recital Showcase

  • 6:30pm: Lecture-Recital,“Manuel Saumell, Ignacio Cervantes, and Louis Moreau Gottschalk:  Ragtime’s Missing Links” Donna Coleman, piano, The University of Melbourne
  • 7:15pm: Chamber Music Recital, with Kaia String Quartet. Works by Julián Orbón and Roque Cordero.
  • 8:00pm: Lecture 3 Recital No. 3, with the Hammond Piano Duo and the Conference Chamber Players.

Works by Elbio Barilari, Alfonso Montecino, Roberto Cedeño and Astor Piazzolla)

9:00pm-midnight, Serendipity Reception at Serendipity with El Taller and guests

  • El Taller and special guests, percussionist Michael Spiro and pianist Jovino Santos Neto, with special appearance by bassist Pablo Aslan (open to the public, places are limited)

Sunday, Oct. 23rd

12:00pm: Guided visit of the Cook Music Library Collection. Sign up by email to Subject Heading = LAMC Conference Library Tours Cook

For a regular self-guided visit, please consult

1:00pm, Sweeney Hall—Open Discussion: What is the future of Latin American Music and Latino Music in the USA?

2:00pm, Auer Hall—Conference Closing Concert. Kuttner Quartet, Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, Conference Chamber Players, Carmen-Helena Tellez, director. Works by Elbio Barilari, Gerardo Dirié, Orlando Jacinto García, Mario Lavista, Gabriela Ortiz, Ileana Pérez-Velázquez and Eric Whitacre.


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