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Music Related Collections:

Julian Orbon Collection:


  • DATE RANGE: ca. 1930-1991
  • ITEM COUNT: ca. 800 items
  • The Orbon mss. consist of musical compositions, writings, photographs, etc. of Cuban composer Julian Orbon.
  • Note: This collection has not yet been processed.

Bernardo Mendel Collection:

  1. Navarro, Juan. Liber in qvo qvatvor Passiones Christi Domini continentur … . Mexici. Apud Didacum Lopez Daualos. Anno. 1604.
  2. Latin American mss. Guatemala music manuscripts, late 16th-early 17th centuries (ca. 1570-1635)
  3. Ecuadorian Imprints Ensemble Lipzodes performs at the Lilly Library
  4. Lilly Texana: One Hundred Eighty Broadsides and Other Ephemera Relating to Texas, Printed and Published in Mexico before 1849 in the Lilly Library of Indiana University, by Everett C. Wilkie, Jr.

Sheet Music Collection:

Sheet music cover Gottschalk

Sheet music cover for Ojos Criollos by Gottschalk

Sheet music cover for Siboney by Lecuona

Sheet music cover for Alnitah by Villa Loboes

Sheet music cover for Bendicion y Castigo by Ceron

Sheet music cover for El Chamuyo by Canaro

Sheet music cover for O Batuta by Taves

Sheet music cover for Se Encosta by Taves

Sheet music cover for Estrellita y Serenata Mexicana by Ponce

Other Collections of interest:

Brasiliana in the Lilly Library:

Indians of Latin America:

Corbacho mss., 1912-1951 (Mendel Collection):

Mutis Daza mss., 1568-1936 (Mendel Collection):

Latin American mss. Mexico, 1502-1925:

Frank M. Hohenberger Photograph Collection: (Cuba)


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