Obituary published in the New York Times

The New York Times carried an obituary of Harvey Phillips, Sunday, October 24. “Like many towering exponents of a musical instrument, Mr. Phillips left a legacy of new works, students and students of students. But even more, he bequeathed an entire culture of tuba-ism: an industry of TubaChristmases (252 cities last year) and tuba minifestivals, mainly at universities, called Octubafests.”  Click for more >

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2 Responses to Obituary published in the New York Times

  1. Damon Chu (Scottsdale, AZ) says:

    I’m saddened about Dr. Phillps’ passing. I attended my first Octubafest on Long Island back in 1976. He had nice things to say to me and my duet partner after we performed the “Wonderland Duets”. Later that day we were awed as Dr. Phillips performed the “Carnival of Venice”. A few months later, he greeted us in the parking garage at Rockefeller Center for the TubaChristmas rehearsal. I am sure that meeting him has inspired me to keep playing the horn all this time.

  2. Terry Wrinkle says:

    My freshman year in college 1969-1970, Harvey Phillips gave me the greatest thrill of my music career- he sent me “The Carioca”. I performed it most of the year, the last performance at the College Band Directors National Convention in Oklahoma City. Getting his permission to perform his personal solo is something that can never be bettered in my life. Harvey Phillips has always been a magical name in my world. The world will always be different since his passing!

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