Previous Winners

2016 Competition results are:

Open Division

1st prize (ex aequo) – Stephen Lochbaum and Steve Cowan
3rd prize – Austin Wahl
4th prize – Henry Johnston

Senior Youth Division

1st Prize Aytahn Benavi
2nd Prize Nolan Harvel
3rd Prize Catherine Elmer
4th Prize Liam Hedrick

Junior Youth Division

1st Prize Gwenyth Aggeler
2nd Prize Ian Tubbs
3rd Prize Nick Bonn
4th Prize Alexander Elko
Congratulations to all winners!

2015 Indiana Guitar Festival and Competition results:

Open Division:

1. Jennifer Kim
2. Matthew Gillen
3. Bokyung Byun
4. Jeremy Collins

Senior Youth Division
1. Sedona Farber
2. Nolan Harvel
3. Everest Nguyen
4. Josephine MacDougall

Junior Youth Division
1. Jacob Tan
2. Jordan Dembsky
3. Sam Hall

2014 Indiana Guitar Festival and Competition results:

Open category:

1st prize (ex aequo) – Jesus Serrano and Celil Refik Kaya
2nd prize – Jeremy Collins
3rd prize – Mark Edwards
4th prize –  not awarded

Senior Youth category:

1st prize – Filip Optolowicz
2nd prize – Tim Beattie
3rd prize – Jeremy Waldrip
4th prize – SedonaFarber

Junior Youth category:

1st prize – Everest Nguyen
2nd prize – Jordan Dembsky
3rd prize (ex aequo) – Ian Tubbs and Oliver Ehrhardt
4th prize  (ex aequo) – Benjamin Webb and Noah Ehrhardt

Congratulations to all winners!


1st Prize Ex Aequo: Edel Muñoz and Eduardo Minozzi Costa

2nd Prize Ex Aequo: Cameron O’Connor and Jordan Dodson


Open Division

1st Prize & Antón García Abril Prize: You Wang

2nd Prize: Lars Rosvoll

Honorable Mention: Ivan Resendiz

Youth Division

1st Prize: Xavier Jara

2nd Prize: Tobias James

3rd Prize: Asa Bryce

4th Prize ex aequo: Alexander Arbuckle and Andrew Laszlo


Open division:

1st prize: Silviu Ciulei

2nd prize: Jesus Serrano

3rd prize: Renato Serrano

4th prize: Jeremy Collins

Senior youth division:

1st prize: Jennifer Kim

2nd prize: Augustus Woodrow-Tomizuka

3rd prize: Vijay Meunier

4th prize: William Johnson

Junior youth division:

1st prize: Sedona Farber

2nd prize: Aidan Wiley-Lippke

3rd prize: Tristan Britt


Open Division

1st Prize       Misael Barraza Diaz

2nd Prize      Jeremy Collins

3rd Prize      Bin Hu

4th Prize      Ye Eun Lee

Junior Youth Division

1st Prize         Augustus  Woodrow-Tomizuka

2nd Prize      Erica Cha

3rd Prize        Veronica Eres

4th Prize        Clara McLain

Junior Youth Division

1st Prize         Kairey Wang

2nd Prize      Jacob Tan

3rd Prize        Yian Wang

4th Prize        Constantin Chekardzhikov


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