Nemanja Ostojic CD Album reviewed in Italy

Nemanja OstojicAlumni guitarists Nemanja Ostojic’s world debut CD Album “First Born” receives a rave review in the Italian foremost classical guitar magazine Seicorde.
Seicorde dubbed the numerous international award winner Ostojic as the “champion of the guitar”, and praised both his “intense musical personality” and “impeccable technique”.

Nemanja Ostojić has graduated from Music High School Kosta Manojlovic in the
class of Professor Bosko Radojkovic and soon received his Bachelor Degree in
Music from the University of Belgrade studying with Professor Srdjan Tosic.
Nemanja has completed both the Masters Degree and the Artist Diploma Program at
Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University, Bloomington, under the guidance of
Maestro Ernesto Bitetti, where he is currently completing the Doctor in Musical
Arts program.


Translation of the review:

A Prodigious Debut!

From American university music schools, here is the debut CD by a prodigious guitar champion, who offers an exceptionally skillful recital in which he displays extraordinary abilities that are hard to match. The executions are precise and technically impeccable in the tremulous melody of the famous Sueno en la Foresta, by Augustin Barrios, as they are in the more complex polyrhythms of Dusan Bogdanovich’s Jazz Sonatina and in the fast chromatics of Leo Brouwer’s Hika.

The distinct personality of this Serbian guitarist stands out in the pieces he proposes, establishing a personal touch which, on the one hand, best highlights the outstanding qualities of a bold performer, but on the other hand, deprives the pieces of a more thorough exploration that could transmit a more powerful musical vision, the absence of which is mostly evident in pieces such as Sonata by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco.

A remarkable production, then, that raises hopes for a bright continuation in concert as well as in recording.

Translated into English by Maria Roncalli

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