JSoM student guitarist Stevan Jovic places 1st in 2012 IDEA Competition

On Friday, April 6, the Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (IU Kelley School of Business) sponsored the 2012 IDEA Competition.  Stevan Jovic, a Performer Diploma guitarist and student of Ernesto Bitetti, took first place in Friday’s competition, claiming a $3,000 cash prize for his invention, Practice-Right. Jovic noted that he will use the prize money “to travel this summer and have Practice-Right presented at the most important guitar festivals and conventions in the country: Guitar Foundation of America, Boston Guitar Festival and New York Guitar Seminar.”

The Competition

Organized by the Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation and its resident Hoosier Hatchery Innovation Fellowes, the IDEA Competition was advertised to IUB students as a business plan competition open to all current full-time Indiana University undergraduate and graduate students, offering $5,000 in prize money and space at the Hoosier Hatchery business incubator. Jovic and his teammate Evita Sonner presented Practice-Right to a panel of 6 judges, made of local & regional entrepreneurs and IUB faculty members.

Jovic’s Invention

The Practice-Right device is an arm strap that guides the performer’s arm into an optimal position for performance, since August 2011.  Jovic, who has a patent pending for Practice-Right and has seen a strong interest from the classical guitar world, received an endorsement from acclaimed Croation guitarist Ana Vidovic who noted “Practice-Right will be a huge help for both classical and steel string players, not to mention that it can also be used as a great teaching tool. Practice-Right is a great innovation and will surely become one of the most essential tools in developing proper right hand technique.”

Enjoy a YouTube Video that introduced the device >>

More about Practice-Right

The idea behind Practice-Right was to develop a device that would help guitarists form and maintain the correct posture of the hand that plucks the strings,” said Jovic. “Practice-Right deals with a problem that is far too common with the players of our instrument when the wrist and the hand ‘collapse’ and rest on the soundboard, which creates a false sense of security. Collapsing the hand ultimately makes playing more difficult and causes tension, loss of dexterity, power and control.”

“This is the reason why I decided to develop Practice-Right,” Jovic said.  “There are many products and guitar supports nowadays, however there is no such device or support that would help the players to hold the hand in the proper way.  Practice-Right helps players with the correct right hand posture and assists them with the proper finger stroke.”

The last couple of months were very exciting for Jovic. “From getting and patenting the idea to developing the real product… trust me, it was extremely difficult,” he said.  “Finding the time to work on my project between studying, performing and teaching has been a mission impossible. Even the moments when it was the hardest I would work even harder. By always being motivated by the Practice-Right itself!  I knew how great and useful my invention was from the very beginning, so I would never let anything stop me from reaching my goals. I have found a company to manufacture it, a serious investor and have made a contract with the foremost classical guitar accessories company in the country: Strings By Mail.  With great feedback and testimonials from some of the most renowned artists and teachers world-wide, I have a product that will be presented at the most important guitar festivals and conventions in the country: Guitar Foundation of America 2012 and Boston Guitar Festival 2012 as well at the major guitar festivals in Europe such as the Guitar-Art Festival in Serbia, Belgrade.”

“As an artist and the inventor of the Practice-Right I believe that my invention will help players to say the words they always wanted to say – through their music, and their playing,” said Jovic.

More information can be found at the Practice-Right website >>


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