The 6th Annual Jean Sinor Memorial Lectures

The 6th Annual Jean Sinor Memorial Lectures took place on Friday, November 18, and celebrated the career of Charles P. Schmidt, long time faculty member in the IU Music Education Department. Authors who presented lectures at the event are, from left to right, C. Victor Fung (University of South Florida), Clifford Madsen (Florida State University), Anthony Kemp (Reading University, UK), Joyce East…lund Gromko (Bowling Green State University), Jere Humphreys (Arizona State University), Charles Schmidt, Joanne Rutkowski (Pennsylvania State University), Donna Brink Fox (Eastman School of Music), Lissa May (IU), Peter Miksza (IU), Stephen Zdzinski (University of Miami), Kevin Watson (University of Western Ontario), and Patrice Madura Ward-Steinman (IU). Madura edited the honorary publication, Advances in Social-Psychology and Music Education Research, which was published by Ashgate Press (2011).

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