Monthly Archives: November 2011

The 6th Annual Jean Sinor Memorial Lectures

The 6th Annual Jean Sinor Memorial Lectures took place on Friday, November 18, and celebrated the career of Charles P. … Continue reading

Estelle Jorgensen to receive honorary doctorate at Sibelius Academy

In June 2012, Estelle Jorgensen will be the recipient of an honorary doctorate from the Sibelius Academy in its next … Continue reading

Estelle Jorgensen is keynote lecturer in Brazilian music education conference

Professor Estelle Jorgensen presented a keynote lecture: “Thinking about music education in Brazil” and taught a seminar for the III … Continue reading

Estelle Jorgensen serves as International Observer and editor in Australia Task Force Report

Estelle Jorgensen, professor of music in the Music Education Department of the JSoM, served as an International Observer on the … Continue reading