Historical Performance Institute appearing at preeminent venues in May and June

HPI Smithsonian SymposiumThe Jacobs School of Music Historical Performance Institute will be well represented this weekend (May 8-10) at a symposium hosted by the Smithsonian Institute’s Chamber Music Society in Washington, D.C. Performers, scholars, journalists, and administrators nationwide will gather to focus and reflect on the past, present, and future of “Historically Informed Performance in American Higher Education.”

The Jacobs School will send its Renaissance wind band, Forgotten Clefs, to perform for the occasion. Counterpart student ensembles from Juilliard, Yale, Oberlin, Case Western Reserve, Peabody, and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music will also be performing. The student groups will be featured in two concerts, with Forgotten Clefs concluding the second performance.

Professor Dana Marsh, coordinator of the Historical Performance Institute (HPI), will contribute to a detailed panel discussion on the conference’s topical focus. Facilitating the conversation will be David Stull, president of San Francisco Conservatory. Joining Marsh on the panel will be Fred Bronstein, dean of Peabody Conservatory; Andrea Kalyn, dean of Oberlin Conservatory; Ross Duffin, director of Historical Performance at Case Western Reserve University, and Benjamin Sosland, administrative director of Juilliard Historical Performance.

“This is a valuable opportunity for all of us to assess collectively our position, as a discipline, within the field of music performance, pedagogy, and scholarship in American higher education,” said Marsh. “Not since IU hosted such an event at the behest of IU Early Music Institute founder Thomas Binkley some 20 years ago has there been a similar gathering of educators. As so much has changed since that time, it can only be an opportunity of highest value for all participants.”

In addition, the HPI will send its student ensemble comprised of sackbuts (early trombones), dulcians (early bassoons), shawms (Renaissance oboes), and percussion to the Boston Early Music Festival (BEMF), one of the world’s foremost exhibitions in the field of historical performance. Forgotten Clefs was one of four groups selected to perform at BEMF in the Young Performers Series, sponsored by Early Music America.


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