Alumnus Elliott Bark wins Korean National Composer Prize

BarkAlumnus Elliott Bark’s “(Com)Passionate Music for Guitar and String Quartet”–commissioned and recorded by the Petar Jankovic Ensemble for its new album, “(Com)Passionate,”–received the 2014 Korean National Composer Prize, one of the most prestigious awards for Korean composers.

“(Com)Passionate Music” is a 12-minute, complex, and very engaging new work. The first movement is full of raw energy and passion bursting with tension throughout. Then, just when it reaches its peak, it resolves in a gorgeous second part full of warmth and love, making sense of all the motives and materials previously exposed.

In Bark’s words: “Passion, the zeal within you, makes you move forward; and compassion, the heart for others, compels you to reach out. Passion and compassion together seem more effective than one without the other.”

Learn more about Bark and the Petar Jankovic Ensemble.

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