Alumna Carolina Gamboa-Hoyos named director of choral activities at Universidad de los Andes, Colombia.

Carolina Gamboa-Hoyos, DM’10, choral conducting, has been named director of choral activities at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia. She will be teaching conducting and direct the University Choir and the Chamber Choir. Gamboa-Hoyos will continue to direct the Ensamble for Vocal Exploration of the Andes, a group which she founded in 2010 and which is dedicated to the performance of non-traditional repertoire, contemporary music, and interdisciplinary projects.  She has recently received a FAPA grant to conduct research and make two recordings of Latin American 20th-century repertoire for contemporary vocal ensemble for the next three years.

Gamboa-Hoyos earned her Master’s Degree from IU in 2005 with a Fulbright Scholarship. She continued to earn her Doctoral Degree in 2010. During her time at IU, she was a student of Jan Harrington, Carmen Helena Tellez, John Poole, and William Gray.

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