Professor Estelle Jorgensen’s international activities

Estelle Jorgensen, Jacobs professor of music education, gave an invited keynote lecture, “Thinking about music education in Brazil,” and taught a seminar for the III Week of Music Education, Universidade Estadual Paulista, September 19-23, 2011. This was a music education conference that attracted music education faculty from across Brazil. (In the photo, Jorgensen is with Iris Yob of Walden University, Profa. Dra. Margarita Arroyo of Brazil, and Brazilian philosophy of music education students. )

In addition, Jorgensen served as an international observer and editor on the Tertiary Music Education in Australia Task Force Report. This report concluded an examination of the future of music education in Australia with recommendations to the Australian government.  It can be found on the Global Access Partners’ Web site at

In June 2012, Jorgensen will be the recipient of an honorary doctorate from Helsinki’s Sibelius Academy in its next promotion, along with a handful of European musician luminaries. She is the only scholar in the group.

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