Alumnus Donald L. Smith Passes Away

Donald Smith, an outstanding graduate of our institution, died on November 22 at the age of 58.  Don was a graduate student at IU when I was an undergraduate and I remember him as a gifted organist and church musician even in our student days. He introduced me to the hymn tunes of Calvin Hampton – I can still remember the day  he played de Tar (Hymnal 1982 #456) for us in service playing. It was a radical event!

Don was a positive force in our profession. As you can see from the attached obituary, he held the position of Organist/Choirmaster at historic St. Mark’s, Shreveport, where he built a fine program and nurtured many choristers through his time there.  He also cared about helping young church musicians develop their skills and often hired graduates just out of training as his assistants.

We send our department’s condolences to Don’s family and friends and want them to know that the Jacobs School of Music will miss him.

A link to the obituary may be found here.

-Janette Fishell
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