Professor Halina Goldberg opens multi-media exhibit in Poland

Halina Goldberg, professor of musicology, was in Poland this summer putting together an exhibit called “In Mrs. Goldberg’s Kitchen,” a multimedia exhibition about the Jewish quarter in pre-WWII Lodz, which opened June 21 at the Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz.

Goldberg co-designed the exhibit, which is based on materials from her mother’s house, and produced the sound design with Jacobs Professor of Composition Jeffrey Hass.

In Mrs. Goldberg’s symbolic kitchen, the Goldbergs, who before World-War II lived in the district of Bałuty, serve as virtual guides into Jewish Lodz of the past. Their Lodz is a Polish city with a distinctive flavor; a melting pot of diverse populations claiming multi-ethnic and multi-denominational nineteenth-century roots. Read more and view photos.

The successful exhibit garnered lots of media coverage, including a local newspaper article and photo gallery here.



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