2012 – Piano de pampa y jungla

A Collection of Latin American Piano Music

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"Piano de pampa y jungla" CoverSince the early nineteenth century, pianos and pianists have dominated the musical landscape of all major urban centers of Latin America, which has bequeathed to the world virtuosi of the caliber of the Venezuelan Teresa Carreño (1853-1917), the Brazilian Guiomar Novaes (1895-1979), the Chilean Claudio Arrau (1903-91), and the Argentinean Martha Argerich (b. 1941).

This two-CD collection, curated by the Latin American Music Center at Indiana University, is the first of a series of anthologies focusing on specific repertoires.  It introduces a kaleidoscopic variety of works that deserve to be better known, especially old and new music by a selection of Latin America’s living composers, currently ranging in age from their thirties to their nineties.

In addition, this anthology presents Latin American piano classics and lesser-known works by some of the most famous composers from the region, such as Ponce, Villa-Lobos, and Ginastera. Most selections come from Brazil and Chile, but Argentina, Mexico, and Venezuela are also represented. Included are works from every decade between the 1900s and the 1950s, as well as the ten-year period between 1993 and 2002.

The young artists showcased in this recording have developed research  projects with the LAMC or have been the winners of the Annual Competition in the Performance of Music from Spain and Latin America (1998-2010), jointly sponsored by the LAMC and the Embassy of Spain in the U.S. This anthology makes the documentary recordings of the competition commercially available for the first time.

Luiz Fernando Lopes

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