LAMC Recordings

In 2011 the Latin American Music Center launched a new collection produced and directed by Carmen-Helena Tellez of commercial recordings commemorating its fiftieth anniversary (1961-2011).

The first two volumes of the series were officially released during the conference celebrating the LAMC’s fiftieth anniversary and titled “Cultural Counterpoints: Examining the Musical Interactions between the U.S. and Latin America” (Indiana University, Bloomington, Oct. 19 – 23, 2011).  

Three more CDs were produced by Prof. Tellez immediately after the conference and there are many more to come – Please click on the “Classical CD Series” and the “Popular CD Series” above and explore the LAMC/IU Music recordings from the the drop down menu.

Each volume has its own dedicated website with information on the track titles, composers, performers, liner notes, and more.

To purchase CDs,  click on the purchase links on each page.

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