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Charles H. Webb


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  1. eduardo ostergren says:

    Happy, happy birthday from the deep South — Campinas, Brasil. Dr. Webb, I have fond memories of my days at IU, my studies under renowned professors, my doctoral research under Dr. Herford and also coming to your office to complain. I treasure the moments when you later soloed under my baton with the Lafayette Symphony. But most of all the time you gave me a call to come over to your parents home in Dallas, Texas for a visit and right there, after exchanging common experiences at SMU, followed by a brief session of musicmaking (I played the Telemann viola concerto in your mom´s living room) you went on to inquire about my plans to start a doctoral program at IU . I left the house that night elated but not sure whether my ideas would come to fruition. A few days later and to my great surprise a letter came from your office inviting me to move to Bloomington and begin my doctoral studies. Best of all it included a scholarship offer. Thank you Sir, thank you Dr. Webb, thank you “Charlie”. Because of you, because of your friendship, because of your generosity I have been blessed with a successful carrer in music both academic and professional. I treasure my IU days. Forever thankful, Eduardo.

  2. Steve Starkman says:

    Dear Dean Webb,
    Happy Birthday! I still remember your conducting of “Porgy and Bess” at IU in 1980!
    It was a memorable musical highlight! Thanks for all you’ve done for music and music students!
    with happy memories of IU!
    Steve Starkman (MM 1982)

  3. Andrew Cooke says:

    Thank you, Dean Webb! My years at the IU School of Music were joyous and such incredibly special ones. You set that tone, with your honest, friendly and encouraging presence. I remember you so well. Happiest Birthday, and best wishes to you and yours!

    Fondly, and in sincerest gratitude for your kindness and special gifts –

    Andrew Cooke
    BM, 1980

  4. Charles Schwartz says:

    Dear Charles,
    It was a joy to review the pictures of your birthday celebration and to read the wonderful proclamation by the Mayor of Bloomington. And, best of all, you make 80 look young!
    Looking back almost half a century, I have happy memories of getting to know you during the semester when you instructed me in piano.
    You have been an exemplar of musicianship, leadership, vision and service and your legacy will always stand as a unique contribution to Indiana University and its School of Music.
    With all good wishes,
    Charles Schwartz

  5. ELLIOT PALAY says:

    Dear Dean Webb,

    First of all let me wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Let me go on to say how grateful I have always been to have been a part of both your’s and Dean Bain’s years at Indiana. I know that without both of you, and Mary Bain, I would never have had the chance to fulfill my dreams. There are countless others too. For example Charles Kullman, George Calder, Roger Havranek and Martha Lipton, just to mention a few. If you have a minute, or 15, go to ELLIOT PALAY on YouTube and check out what you helped to create. Especially the “MAHAGONNY” and the “OTELLO.”

    Again, I wish you all the best and I thank you for what was really “undeserved” patience.

    Elliot Palay

    P.S. You might also like to look at page 233 in “Opera for All Seasons.”

  6. Dick Hoffert, retired CEO, Indianapolis Symphony says:

    Dear Charles,
    As Dean of the Music School, Director of the Methodist Church Choir, and Conductor of the Indianapolis Symphony Chorus, your “leadership” has always been an inspiration to all of us involved in the world of arts administration. Now, more than ever, we need more Dean Webbs !! Happy Birthday from all of us who had the privilege of knowing and working with you.
    Dick Hoffert ’65

  7. Diana (St. Jean) Rawizza says:

    Happy 80th Birthday Dean Webb! I have many fond memories of IU and the School of Music from which I graduated in 1966 with a degree in Music Education. Due to a mutual friend, I had the opportunity to get to know you and even enjoyed a visit to your home where I met your wife, Kendra, who was beautiful in every way. When I was preparing to do my student teaching in Indianapolis you very kindly provided a recommendation for me that, I’m sure, helped me to secure a placement in an excellent school. I wish you all the best in your many current activities. Wishing you health and happiness, Diana (St. Jean) Rawizza.
    PS: In looking at the attached pictures of you, I’m wondering if they got it wrong and it’s really your 70th birthday celebration!

  8. Lewis Schlanbusch says:

    Happy Birthday Dean Webb!
    Many fond memories of my time at IU with you at the helm, as well as many Sunday mornings singing in the choir with you at the organ… as well as working in the capacity of painter/wallpaper hanger for Kendra when she was busy with her decorating business.
    All the best to you on the occasion of your entry into your 8th decade!

  9. Ann Kendall Ray says:

    I will always remember your kindness, many years ago, to a new graduate student from Alabama. An invitation to supper with your family was a real treat, and made me feel welcome at IU, so far away from home. Best wishes to you on your birthday!
    Ann Kendall Ray, M.M. ’67

  10. Dear Dean Webb,

    Many happy wishes upon your 80th birthday! As a Jacobs School alumnus, I am very familiar with your work and legacy of excellence at IU. May you enjoy many more happy birthdays in Bloomington.

    Very best wishes,
    Natalie Williams (DM 2012)

  11. Roger Briscoe, MM Choral Conducting '69, PhD Mus Theory '75 says:

    Happy 80th Birthday, Charles. I’m only 7 years behind you, but then you were always ahead of me. Many thanks for memories of a long and fruitful career at IU School of Music and in Bloomington. If my memory serves me correctly, you were the very first person I met when I first visited the Music School in 1962 0r 63, on my way in to meet Dean Bain. I recall how you continued to play and conduct way after retirement. I’m currently singing (!) in three choirs in Cambridge, UK, and doing the odd bit of conducting. When I retired in 2008 I quit conducting the Central Jersey Sym Orch and Master Chorale, moved to Cambridge and have continued making and teaching music over here. Cambridge is the only place on earth which comes close, musically, to Bloomington. Best wishes for continuing your notable career. Roger

  12. Susan B. Scheuer says:

    May you be truly blessed with good health and good friends throughout your
    80th year. Thanks for the fond memories of ol’ I.U.

  13. Stephanie Wayland says:

    Dear Charles,
    “Those were the days, my friends”….
    As a student at IU in the early ’60’s I was priviledged to have you as my teacher for conducting class. I also was forever changed and inspired by singing Beethoven’s “Missa Solemnis” under your direction. When I left IU I served in Methodist churches as an organist. I looked at my references for descants and harmonizations and your name kept recurring. I thought, “I know him….he’s my teacher!”

    Blessings to you, dear Charles, for all you have given to Indiana University School of Music students. Thank you for what you have given to me…..”he’s my teacher!”

    Congratulations on a life of sharing the best of music!
    Stephanie Wayland

  14. Mary Frances Malone says:

    Dear Charles! To a first class gentleman and a fantastic Dean and musician, may I wish you a belated Happy Birthday and all the great things that go with it. We all appreciate you more than you will ever know. I send my best to you!! Mary Frances Malone, Big Spring, Texas

  15. Dear Dean Webb,

    Happy Birthday! I graduated from IU with my BM in 1989 and received my Artist Diploma in 1991. Since then, I have developed my skills as a multi-talent playing violin, piano, soprano and aerialist. I currently headline a show in Branson, MO in addition to performing my symphony pops shows with orchestras all over the world. In fact, I just performed last weekend with the Cleveland Pops Orchestra in Severance Hall! Thank you for all of your hard work and the impact you have had on my life as a musician and alumni from IU. Most of all, thank you for your efforts that have created a powerful musical, intellectual and emotional oasis in our world.

    Janice Martin

  16. Joel and Sandy Mathias says:

    We remember that you and Joel are Valentine birthdays! We also remember great duets from you and Wally Hornubrook! And…we can never forget the wonderful persimmon pudding at your house. Great memories!

    Happy 80th to a very special person!!
    Joel and Sandy Mathias
    Columbus, OH

  17. Karen Keltner says:

    Happy day-after-your-Birthday, Dean Webb!

    Charles Prestinari and I were just now trading wonderful memories of you as organist at Bloomington’s First Methodist Church (although Chuck and and I were of slightly different decades). Allan Ross was why I joined the choir, and you on the organ—-those were the reasons why Sundays were so utterly memorable!

    Thanks for all you’ve done for the I.U. School of Music and for all us.
    You’re 80 years + 1 day young!!!

    With warm best wishes,

  18. Ruth Crook Klukoff says:

    Happy Birthday, Dean Webb! Studying at IU was one of the most valuable experiences of my life in every way!! All the best to you!


  19. G.R.Davis says:

    Congratulations on this great milestone!. I remember fondly my days at I.U. and the wonderful education I received as a tuba player. My wife, Carol, worked in your office in the late 1970’s and came home every day with great stories of the colorful faculty she saw daily. We loved to visit your church to hear you play the pipe organ. Best wishes for many more birthdays.
    MM – 1974

  20. Justin Naab says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Charles Webb Day!

    I hope you enjoyed the special occasion and know that you were surrounded by people who love and care for you. You have had a positive impact on many lives and I consider myself blessed to be one of them.


  21. Carol Colacurcio says:

    Wishing you much joy and happiness on your 80th birthday! Thank you for all you have done at and for IU…it is the best!!

  22. Scott LaFata says:

    You’ve had some great accomplishments through the years and hitting 80 is now added to the list! Happy Birthday Dean Webb and thanks for all those years of leadership.


  23. Paul Bresciani says:

    Happy Birthday Dean Webb! Thank you for all you’ve done for the University, the School of Music, and all of us students. It was great to see you this summer at Professor Grodner’s 90th, and I wish nothing but the best for you!

  24. Ralph Lorenz says:

    Dear Dean Webb,
    Wishing you a very happy birthday! I will always be appreciative of the great leadership you provided to the IU School of Music.
    Ralph Lorenz

  25. Margaret (Peggy Smith) Brand says:

    Dear Dean Webb,
    May your birthday be celebrated with the greatest joy – a reflection of all that you did for the School of Music and for the many students you helped and encouraged! I thank you again for arranging a scholarship for me and a position as soloist at the Methodist Church where you were the Music Director. I so enjoyed that opportunity, singing the Faure Requiem, Dave Brubeck’s Cantata with him at the piano, etc. You gave me something very special at IU – your confidence in me. I’ll always remember that. I went on to sing various places, settled in Minnesota, taught at Carlton for 24 years and MSU for 6. Thank you so much for your principled and inspiring leadership at IU,. Happy Birthday!!

  26. Jamie Allbritten says:

    Dear Charles:

    80 YEARS YOUNG! That’s how you define it. Happy Birthday to you, and much continued health and happiness.

    With all my very best wishes,
    Jamie Allbritten

  27. Joe Hickman says:

    Congratulations on the occasion of your 80th birthday, Dean Webb. I was in Choral Conducting program and a member of the First Methodist choir many years ago. Thank you for your visionary administrative work at IU and for your generosity to us all with your work at IU and at First Methodist.

    With much appreciation to you the IU School of Music family,

    All the best.

    Joe Hickman

  28. John Marsh says:

    Happy Birthday, Dean Webb! My memories at the I.U. School of Music in the 70s involves you in so many ways. You were the face of the school at that time and I am grateful to you and the school for a wonderful educational experience that has had such profound meaning in my life. Thanks for all you have done for so many of us. Blessings, John

  29. Kate Lukas says:

    Dear Charles,
    All good intentions thrown aside by teaching, etc.! I couldn’t come to your celebration on Thursday, but I want to wish you a blisteringly wonderful birthday and congratulations on the publication of your new book. As a flutist, I am very familiar with “descant”, especially having spent so many years in England where you have to be at the ready with treble additions to hymns. Bravo for all you have done for the JSoM!
    Kate (the Flute) Lukas

  30. John and Connie Long says:


    We wish you a very happy 80th. You have been a faithful servant sharing your God-given gifts. The music world has been inspired and blessed by you.

    Continued blessings,
    J & C

  31. Carol Smith Whitlock says:

    I’m a 1965 Graduate of IU School of Music. Your influence was significant at IU and you have been a wonderful standard-bearer for the school. It gives me great pleasure to wish you a very happy birthday and many more to come.

  32. Dear Dean Webb,

    Allow me to add my voice to the chorus of warm congratulations you have received! Your vision, legacy, and good spirit continue to shape us all and provide direction for the wonderful institution that is the Jacobs School.

    My best regards for a happy and healthy 8th decade!
    Dominick DiOrio

  33. Jonathan Rudy says:

    Dear Dr. Webb,

    A Happy Birthday to you! I thank you for your long support of the organ department, and I was so happy that the organ faculty could play in the recital yesterday. We appreciate everything you have done for the Jacobs School of Music!


    Jonathan Rudy

  34. Ginny Jones says:

    Happy Birthday Dean Webb! Thanks for building the Music School into what it is today! I really enjoyed and learned a lot in the Music School back in the 70’s. I remember helping your son for a semester as part of Mimi Zweig’s teaching violin class. May you have a very good year full of music and joy!

  35. Randy Frieling says:

    Dear Dean Webb,

    Best wishes to you on your 80th birthday! You have been an inspiration to so many of us from IU.

    Randy Frieling

  36. Dr. Webb.
    Thank you for all you have given to I.U., Indiana, and the world of music. Love and encouragement to all. We are all blessed to have you in our lives.

    God Bless
    Herb and Maryjane
    Music Educators

    Herb I.U. MME 64
    M Ed. 78
    MJ M Ed 76

  37. david c. cassel says:

    Dear Charles,
    I add my congratulations to the hundreds and hundreds that are coming to you, on your 80th birthday. I will never forget your personal concern for me during my graduate years , recommending me to start the IUPUI music program, guiding me through the final process of getting the doctorate, and having me in your home on more than one occasion. You even were concerned enough to give me job painting the outside of your house! Boy, I really needed the money that summer.
    Most of all, Charles, I remember the times in church when your organ playing would move the congregation so effortlessly from one liturgical moment into the next, ALWAYS reflecting the scripture of the day–the Word always became Sound with you.
    Thank you for your service to our Lord, through everything you did as a Dean and as a man.

    Your Grateful Student
    David Cassel

  38. Bennett Penn says:

    Charles Webb
    A very happy birthday to you from an old friend! Diane and I just had our 50th
    wedding anniversary…big event, indeed. Moved to Palm Springs 5 years ago and
    love it…mild, beautiful winters, very LIBERAL city with 50% gay population.
    In Estes Park, CO, I was on two town boards and raised 2 Mil for a performing arts
    center. Became an alpinist, climbed all 54 Colorado 14ers (mountains over 14,000 ft).
    Now I volunteer two days each week to our local hospital, taking care of very sick
    people. Walk 5 miles each day, picking up trash as I joyfully go…my contribution to
    Palm Springs. We worked hard in the Obama campaign. Life quite wonderful and
    fulfilling. Be well, friend. Bennett

  39. Philip Powell, MM 86, DM 05 says:

    Dean Webb,
    You served as a model to us all on how to balance a musical and administrative life with family and friends! I still marvel at your ability to ‘do it all’ so effortlessly and gracefully. Thank you for your many years of service to IU – Happy Birthday and I trust there are many, many more!

  40. Carl Iba says:

    Dear Dean Webb,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Every day is worth celebrating but on one’s birthday we take extra time to pause and reflect and celebrate. I have very fond memories of you and IU. I arrived as a freshman violinist in 1974. I didn’t remember (if I even knew) that you had just started as Dean during the previous year. I also have a very fond memory of being honored by your invitation to perform with you for a Sunday church service. It was fun to do that with you. I send you and yours my very best wishes.

    Warm Hugs, Carl Iba

  41. Laura Colofranson Brown Class of 1991 says:

    Dear Dean Webb,
    I enjoyed learning at IU School of Music under your leadership. You had a developmental hand in making both my vocal and ballet degrees well worth something I have used throughout my career… seems like yesterday! Thank you for your efforts and leadership and wishing you a jubulant and well deserved 80th Birthday!
    Warm wishes,
    Laura Colofranson Brown, Class of ’90 BS, BM and ’91.MS

  42. JOHN SHUFFLE says:

    Happy Birthday Dean Webb!! I will NEVER forget the time you were SO kind to me in ther Orchestra rehearsal for ELIJAH when you heard me humming the “It Is Enough” while I was playing first stand Viola…and you said…”apparently we have a Violist who wants to sing this right now”…and you let me!! That moment pretty much changed my “reputation” among my instrumental colleagues forever!! Thank You!!

    John Shuffle
    B.S. 1976 Voice, Viola, History

  43. Paula Reed Lynch says:

    Happy Birthday! My mother, Martha Reed Bollenbacher’s birthday is today as well! She turned 84, and lives in Denver CO now. I believe we may have met in Bellagio, Italy in about 1993? I was at a conference on Children and you had a month’s fellowship, I think. My dad, Bill Reed, lives in Indianapolis. All the best!

  44. Susan Mills says:

    Many blessings on your birthday, and may this year be full of joy.

    I was in your accompanying class circa 1960 and you had me accompany Mme. Manski’s students. That was an incredible challenge! Nonetheless, I thank you for all you’ve done for the School of Music, and I wish you all the best.

  45. Dan Quinn says:

    Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great day. Thank you for all your help, it was a pleasure knowing you when I was a student at IU.

  46. Dr. Dwight Pounds says:

    Dear Dr. Webb,

    How wonderful it was to see you when you came to Bowling Green, KY, with the string students who did a recital here with Mimi Zweig! As I told you then, my life completely changed while at I.U. Not only was my future wife sitting behind me in the first class I attended, but a strong network of friends and colleges soon established and with whom we continue to correspond and participate in professional projects. Many of these names appear in this collection of greetings. Thank you many times over for your countless contributions to I.U. and to the quality of our lives. Congratulations on your 80th birthday. Let’s see–how does it go??! ddedgf#, ddedag, ddDbggf#eee, ccbgag!! And many more!

    Dwight and Margaret (M.M. 1967) Pounds

  47. Dr. Dwight Pounds says:

    Dear Dr. Webb,

    How wonderful it was to see you when you came to Bowling Green with the string students who did a recital here with Mimi Zweig! As I told you then, my life completely changed while at I.U. Not only was my future wife sitting behind me in the first class I attended, but a strong network of friends and colleges soon established and with whom we continue to correspond and participate in professional projects. Many of these names appear in this collection of greetings. Thank you many times over for your countless contributions to I.U. and to the quality of our lives! Congratulations on your 80th birthday. Let’s see–how does it go??! ddedgf#, ddedag, ddDbggf#eee, ccbgag!! And many more!

    Dwight and Margaret (M.M. 1967)

  48. Elizabeth (McClure) Wales says:

    Back in the day, I was Music Sorority sisters w/your wife Kendra….and you were a grad student –the most talented pianist I’d ever heard…at rehearsals for Choral Union. Happy Birthday, Charles!!!!! You rock!

  49. William A. Vessels says:

    Dear Dean Webb,
    As I recall, you and I came to I.U. in the fall of 1958. You were a doctoral student in piano performance. I was a graduate student in voice performance and you were my piano instructor and helped me get through the keyboard exams. You have been an outstanding leader of our alma mater and an inspiration for us all. I spent most of my career at Jacksonville University in Florida as a voice and opera professor and as Executive Director of the National Association of Teachers of Singing. Thank you very much for all you have meant to us, and I wish you a very Happy Birthday.
    Bill Vessels

  50. Barbara Raynor Inzana says:

    Dear Dean Webb,

    I still remember how much I learned from you when you gave me piano lessons at
    I U in one of those offices up Third Street. You taught me soooooo much.

    I am still involved in music. I have private students: Violin, Viola, and Voice.
    My two children love music and played Clarinet and Flute and Pic. Both of them are
    making their livings in the computer world. My oldest daughter, Caroline, owns her
    own company :Petronet.

    I will be publishing a book on voice soon: It will be called “Think and Sing”. It will be on Amazon. I wrote it with a friend and voice teacher, Micky McGuire.

    My husband died so I am on supporting myself now. Thank God for the help at IU to prepare me to support myself.

    Love and may prayers, Barbara (Bobbie) Raynor.

  51. LouAnn (Myers) Temkin says:

    Hip, hip, hooray! (x 3) Hearty congratulations and best wishes on your 80th birthday, Dean Webb! May you enjoy many more years of happiness and good health. (I am proud to be an I.U. alum – B.S. Music/French, ’76.)

  52. Dr. Paul DeBoer says:

    Congratulations Dr. Webb. As a student at IU during the 1980’s I appreciate all that you did to make IU such a special place. I still have fond memories of my time in Bloomington.
    Dr. Paul DeBoer
    Professor of Music
    Houghton College
    Houghton, New York

  53. Betsy R. Gilmer says:

    I have so many wonderful memories of my days at IU. I remember a meeting at the home of Wally and Donna Hornibrook when you and Wally played piano excerpts for a student to identify. I felt so inadequate but sure learned a lot! My husband Doug(student of Dr.Ragatz) and I have valued our experiences at IU and put them to good use teaching for many years.
    Thank you for the influence you and IU has had on our life!
    Happy Birthday ! May you enjoy many more!
    Betsy Gilmer BME ’64.

  54. Lynne Fleischer Stebbins says:

    Happy, happy birthday, Dean Webb. I just turned 59 on the 7th, so to wish you a happy 80 is something to which I truly aspire! Best wishes for many more.

    Warmest regards…Lynne (oboe)
    BME 1972, JD (DePaul) 1991

  55. Marjorie Rusche says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day and year! Play on!

  56. Paul Lawrence FInkelstein says:

    It has been 35 1/2 years since I graduated with my Masters Degree in Violoncello performance and have always been grateful for your continued support of my concert career. A very Happy Birthday Dean Webb with many more years of celebration . May you stay in good health. Sincerely,
    Paul L. Finkelstein

  57. Jason Gottshall says:

    Best Wishes, Dean Webb! I got my master’s at IU in ’98, studying with Jan Harrington. My wife Abigail and I have fond memories of singing in the FUMC choir with you at the organ. I am now a vocalist and associate enlisted conductor with The US Army Chorus, and I moonlight as the adult choir director at Aldersgate UMC in Alexandria VA, where I think of you with pride every time I encounter your name in the hymnal (which is quite often). Thanks for all you have done for Music, both at IU and the wider world!

  58. Dear Charles,
    Happy Birthday and I wish you lots of love, health, happiness and many many more birthdays..
    Kenny Aronoff

  59. Hi Charles,

    It’s been a lot of years, I graduated in 1968, you were my Freshman advisor, and we kept in touch for a while, then lost contact. I still often think of you and my fabulous years at IU.

    I was excited and happy to see this Birthday for you, and hope you are doing well, and having a great time in life. Keep the music playing!!

  60. J. Kent Williams says:

    Happy 80th Birthday, Dean Webb
    Thank you for your wise and inspiring leadership of the School of Music.

  61. Bruce Fowler says:

    Happy Birthday Dean Webb! I hope it has been a very special day for you. I will never forget your kindness to me as a graduate student.
    God Bless, Bruce Fowler

  62. Dear Charles!

    Have a fabulous birthday and celebrate in style! Wish we could celebrate in person with you! All the best for a delicious Valentine’s birthday!

    Warmest best wishes,

    Carole Farley

  63. Dear Dean Webb,

    From South Carolina, we send you our best wishes for a most Happy 80th Birthday!!! It’s been such a long time since we have seen one another but we treasure those I.U. School of Music days (1971-1975) in our hearts and lives. May the Lord bless you!!!

    Most sincerely yours,

    Gordon and Jean Greer
    Taylors, SC

  64. Phyllis Ihle Relyea says:

    I was at IU 1963-65 and got my Masters in Music Ed and want to wish you a special 80th Birthday!! Phyllis Ihle Relyea

  65. Marty Kocman says:

    Dear Dean Webb,
    Congratulations on your 80th birthday! It’s great to hear you are still active in the local music scene. Best wishes to you and your family!
    Marty Kocman
    BME ’70

  66. Eugene Utley says:

    Good to know you are doing so well. I believe I was your first doctoral candidate to sit for final examination. Against my advisor’s advice I took avanced choral conducting from you and you said that, if you were to grade me on improvement, I should earn a B, but your gave me a B because my start was so weak.
    I enjoyed a long career as a high school orchestra and band director in Norfolk, Virginia. I now live in Portland, Oregon. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Gene Utley

  67. Happy Birthday to you, Dean Webb! My name is Lucy Chu, Ming-chu Kao when I was
    at I.U. Prof. Walter Robert was my teacher. In fact, I was so grateful for those years
    I studied with him that I initiated and helped to endow the Dorothy and Walter Robert
    Scholarship at I.U. This is the best way to pay my respect and ultimate remembrance
    of his superb teaching. You are remarkable in many, many ways. Over the years, you
    helped to build up the I.U. Music School into a top-notch institution. Congratulations!
    You deserve a grand applause from everyone affiliated with I.U. Music School from
    past to the present. Best wishes, Lucy Chu

  68. Herb Koerselman. Dean Emeritus, University of Louisville says:

    Dean Webb,

    You cannot know how much positive influence you had on my life and my career. Blessings to you on this glorious day.

    Herb Koerselman

  69. Christopher Gallaher says:

    Happy 80th. I had the pleasure to hear your DMA piano recital back in “the days”. As I recall, it was outstanding!

    My best,

    MM-65, PhD- 75

  70. Carol Neal cohen says:

    Happy Birthday, I remember you from 1960-1964 when I was a student of Josef Gingold. I have the recording you made with Gingold. I play it for my students now. I have many happy memories of IU. Hope you are fine and in good health. Sincerely, Carol Neal Cohen

  71. Arlene Goter (B.M.,M.M.,D.M) says:

    Happy birthday, Dean Webb, from St. Paul, Minnesota! I have such fond memories of my years at the School of Music. My work there truly changed the course of my life. Thank you so much for your inspiring leadership then and now.

  72. Marianne Ackerson says:

    Dear Dean Webb!
    I had NO IDEA that you were 16 years older than myself! Bravo! You look ALOT younger! Not that 80 is is less than desirable. WR would say that anything past 75
    is looking up. Remember how he got his Masters in Greek at 72 or 74?

    I send you warmest regards for your 80th birthday!!!

    “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end.
    They are new every morning. Great is Thy faithfulness oh God.” Lamentations 3: 22-23
    I know that the traditional translation of these verses is slightly different, but the well-known song that includes this message resounds with these words.

    May God richly bless you, continually, all the days of your life! Happy Birthday and Happy Valentines Day! Thank you for your great impact upon my life.

    Sincerely, with much warmth,

  73. Dean Webb, THANK YOU for all you do and for all you have done for the Hoosiers of IU, especially in music!!! I remember you as an assistant/associate dean in my years 1968-70 – always helpful, always upbeat, always an advocate for us students. Thank you also for the recent Marion Hall remembrance recital and party. oh, and by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Sincerely, Thomas King, Alumni Life member IU

  74. Silvia Velasco Rossbach says:

    Happy birthday to a most influential professor and musician. I am a piano graduate (MM) from 1969 who studied under Sidney Foster. I want to wish all the best for you and your family!
    Silvia V. Rossbach and family

  75. Welby Pugin says:

    Very best wishes, Dean Webb, on this wonderful milestone birthday and congratulations on your magnificent career. The memories of my years at IU, studying with Sidney Foster, remain the most vivid of my life and I know that I have Dean Bain and you, as his most worthy successor, to thank for it!

    Thanks for all you did for so many of us and congratulations again.

    Welby Pugin, BM (1969), MM (1970)

  76. Shideler Hensley says:

    Happy Birthday Dean Webb. Thank you for many happy musical memories.

  77. Marcia Hughes (MME '73, DME '91) says:

    Dean Webb:

    Happy 80th Birthday! It’s great to see that you continue to be active in the music community. Thank you for all you have done for the Jacobs School of Music. You helped put us on the map and made our degree valuable. May God bless you with a good year.

    Marcia Hughes

  78. Hart Hollman says:

    Happy Birthday Charles! I was a viola performance major at IU from 1967-69 and sang in your church choir. I am presently in my 40th year as a violist with The Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Again have a great birthday. Hart Hollman

  79. Linda Baker says:

    Happy Birthday, Dean Webb. Many many more.

    Linda Baker ’76
    (bass clarinet/clarinet, Lyric Opera of Chicago since 1978)
    Thank you Dean Webb and IU Music School.

  80. Happy Birthday Dean Webb,

    MM (Percussion) at IU 1968, student of Prof. George Gaber and personal friend of Gene and Norma Rousseau. I lived with the Rousseaus during my Masters Studies. They are long time personal friends of mine, . . . my Indiana Family!

    I am today an independent Film Maker, and a great listener of Music, Music, Music!!

    Three great organs here in the Kansas City area, two at the RLDS Hdqts, (now Community of Christ) and a new one in the Kauffman Center Music Hall.

  81. I wish you the most blessed 80th birthday and thank you for your contributions to I.U. as a committed Dean as well as a fabulous musician. Thank you for your inspiration and for your hard work. Thanks to my fabulous education at I.U., I taught music for 22 years and went back to school to continue my love for Sacred music so as to continue inspiring with a broader brush. Again, thank you! Peace, Michelle Bythrow
    B.M.E. (choral/vocal) 1991 from Indiana University
    M.S.M. (choral/vocal) 2011 from the University of Notre Dame

  82. Adrienne Gnidec says:

    Wishing you a happy, happy birthday dear Dean Charles Webb….80 years young and thriving as ever!

    Remembering your leadership at what continues to be (still) number one music school in the world. My opinion. 🙂

    Adrienne Gnidec (Victoria, BC, Canada)
    1978-79 and 1981 (former student of Gyorgy Sebok)

  83. JB Floyd says:

    Happy Birthday to the man who continued the prestige of the greatest musical institution globally, IU.

  84. Steve Zegree says:

    Dear Dean Webb,

    Congratulations on your 80th birthday. Indeed an auspicious occasion. I am constantly impressed by you, your vision, your energy and your musicianship. Thank you for all you have done for Indiana University and the Jacobs School of Music. What a tremendous and lasting legacy you created; one that current and future students will benefit from for a long time. And I am honored to be a part of that legacy . Here’s to the next 80!

    All the best,

    Steve Zegree

  85. Gwin Pryor (Buford) says:

    Happy Birthday……from an OLD friend…we first met at Fred Waring choir conference in Dallas…….and many more!!! Gwin Pryor BM IU 1955

  86. Laura Youens says:

    Dear Dean Webb,
    I was a graduate student at IU from 1969 to 1975. I sang in the Methodist church choir and loved listening to you play the organ. You and Henry Upper helped strengthen Dean Bain’s legacy and make IU such a vibrant place in which to study! I hope that you have a marvelous birthday celebration, one worthy of both your artistry and your contributions to IU.
    With warmest of best wishes,
    Laura Youens (Ph.D. 1978)

  87. Andrea Myslicki 1977 says:

    Happy Birthday! You were a freshman when I was a freshman and brought such a warm and encouraging atmosphere to the school. I remember such incredible performances, incredible teachers, and wonderful students. Thank you for your service to the school.

  88. Darrel Joseph says:

    Happy Birthday!

    BM 1954
    MM 1955

    Indianapois Symphony
    Jacksonville Symphony

    Now retired

  89. I sincerely feel honored to have had the opportunity to savor the many riches having been offered to me throughout my extensive association with the School of Music at Indiana University, including having had the privilege of engaging in various musical collaborations with you. I thank you for your continued kindness and support over the years and I truly hope to be able to emulate the stamina and sense of excellence which you have championed throughout your blessed lifetime. Happy Birthday!

  90. Ted D. Wylie says:

    Happy Birthday Dean Webb to the Dean Emeritus of the best music school in the world.

  91. Louise Craig Wilson says:

    Happy 80th Birthday Dean Webb! I was an organ major at Indiana from 1972-1977.
    I greatly enjoyed my time at I.U. while working on both my B. Mus. and M. Mus. degrees. You were quite an inspiration to all of us.
    Best wishes to you.

    Louise Craig Wilson

  92. James Aikman says:

    Dear Charles,
    Have a tremendous birthday! Hard to believe that you are 80 years young, but I know you are thriving and music is a good part of the fountain of youth source! Happy 80th and many more. Hope to see you soon.
    My best to you,

  93. Miriam Vessels says:

    Happy birthday! I have always followed the things you have done with great interest! I received a MM in piano performance from the music school in 1961 and remember being in your score-reading class. It’s great that you are still playing organ and piano. I have been in church organist positions for almost 40 years – not as long as you have. Thanks for all you have done for the music school.

  94. Steve McLure (BME oboe '69; MM woodwinds '70) says:

    Happy Birthday from NYC! Thanks so much for your part in making the IU School of Music such a wonderful place when I was there. I’m a web consultant now (user experience designer), but have never forgotten my days at IU, especially the humor, wisdom and talent of Jerry Sirucek.

    Have you every played the Schumann Quintet? (If not, you could probably sight read it…) I play the cello now, and we might need you. I’m still in touch with Phil Sneed. He has often spoken fondly of you.

  95. Kathy and Ira Weiss says:

    Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays from two of your former students.

    Thank you so much for everything you did for Indiana University and especially the School of Music.

  96. Margaret Taeng says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Webb. Going to IU music school is the best time in my life. I still remember my interview with you. Happy Birthday to you.

  97. Thanks for your long and wonderful service to the IU School of Music. I went on from IU to sing some wonderful roles in Europe, where I lived, sang, and raised my children. I feel indebted to IU for great teachers and training, graduating in 1964.
    Happy Birthday and many more years to you,

    Karen Melander (later Melander-Fanning—you may remember Rick Fanning, my first husband, who conducted Street Scene when he was 14!—and now Melander-Magoon)

  98. Nathan Giem, BM '03, PD '04, MM '05 says:

    Dear Dean Webb,


    My wife and I have many fond memories of playing with you in programs around Bloomington, for services at FUMC as well as with Dr. Gray in Lafayette (as part of the orchestra). Thank you for all the beautiful music!

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday,

    Nathan and Bea

  99. Linda Pointer says:

    Congratulations on your 80th birthday. Thanks for all you have done for IU and your students through the years. I have always been proud of my degrees and grateful for the education I received. Best wishes, Dr. Linda Walker Pointer (MM and DM Organ)

  100. Nathan Giem, BM 2003, MM 2005 says:

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

    Many fond memories of playing with you (as part of the orchestra) for services at FUMC and with Dr. Gray in Lafayette –

  101. Ingrid Fischer Bellman says:

    We are sending a huge bouquet of good wishes, happiness and good health, from Ingrid and David Bellman ( Indianapolis symphony)

  102. Dave Lash says:

    I graduated from Indiana University and majored in music education back in l964. A lot of things have changed since then. I am a United Methodist up in Rockville, IN and work with the hymnal that you were largely responsible. You are one of the great persons that made the I.U. School of Music special. I had choral classes with you and I really appreciated listening to your work on the organ at that time.

    God bless you and your family on this special day.

    Dave Lash
    age 71

  103. Roberta Ratliff Graham says:

    Happy Birthday…I was in the Symphonic Choir when you directed and Henry Upper was at the piano, but I am from Dean Bain’s era. (Thanks for assuming the reins of the School and stepping up to the challenge.) My memories are of East Hall, Ross Allen (particularly Il Tabarro), and Agnes Davis. Bill Christ was working on his doctor’s degree and I was in his theory drill class at 7:30 a.m. I believe we were in his “control group” for his thesis. I was a voice major with a good piano background, but he taught me rhythm….Great instructor!

  104. Sue Meyer says:

    Happy Birthday !! Many thanks for all you have done and continue to do for the
    music community.

  105. Congratulations, Charlie, on your 80th birthday! I remember you as the golden hair boy wonder and virtuosic pianist of our graduate years at IU School of Music. Some of my teachers were Ralph Daniel, Sidney Foster, Walter Kaufmann, Joseph Battista, Ray Dudley, Fred Baldwin, and Wilfred Bain (your predecessor as Dean; I was fortunate to be one of the few students to take his music administration class). You did a superb job in extending the reputation of the (now) Jacobs School of Music) as a world-class music school of which I have been more and more proud to be an alumnus. Best wishes to you for many . . . many more happy returns of your birthday!
    —Best regards, Richard

  106. Janet Alexander (Gustafson) says:

    Greetings and happy birthday!!! You were Dean while I was at Indiana, getting my Masters in Organ. I was at Indiana U. from 1969-1975
    Have a wonderful week!

  107. linda pfeiffer peragine says:

    Thank you for putting your wonderful energy and discipline into I.U. and being a great example of an artist and public servant at a very high level.

  108. Melissa (Korzec) Dickson says:

    Happy Birthday, dearest Charles! Eirc and I wish you the very best, today and always!

  109. Rosalind Mohnsen says:

    I wish you a very Happy 80th Birthday, Dean Webb! Thank you for all you did for the
    I.U. School of Music! It was wonderful to know you!
    All the best!

  110. Lee Doswell (bassoon) says:

    Dear Dean Webb

    Happy 80th and many more. My studies at the school of music prepared me well. I believe I was one of your first babysitters for the clan as well!!!! I remember working with Dave Brubeck and you while singing in the choir at the Bloomington Methodist church. I know an incredible gifted composer in Rome – Monsignor Marco Frisina. My gift to you is to listen to Monsignor’s music ( and also many albums via iTunes)

  111. Milton Gurin says:

    Happy birthday, Dean Webb, and onward to many more!

  112. Stephen and Darlene Pratt says:

    Congratulations and happy birthday to a wonderful musician and administrator. You are an inspiration to us all. Have a great celebration.

  113. Happy Birthday, Charles!

    Celebrate! Enjoy! Huzzah!

    Harry Musselwhite

  114. John M. Ware says:

    Happy birthday, Dr. Webb! I still remember my classes in score-reading with you, as well as singing for a while in the choir at (I believe) First Methodist Church; I also recall your recitals with Dr. Hornibrook. I hope you are doing very well.

    I am 70 now, retired (partly for health reasons) from positions teaching music and English and playing the organ. I still compose from time to time, most recently some piano pieces. I live in Virginia.

    Thank you for the fine influence you had on me and for many memories!

    John Ware, B.M. 1964 and M.M. 1966 (composition).

  115. John R. Geisel and Janine Stockdell Geisel says:

    We wish you a very Happy Birthday and a wonderful year ahead, Dean Webb! We arrived as freshman violinists in 1973 and still remember you introducing yourself at the beginning of our school year and your tenure at IU. We’ve both had symphony careers thanks to your leadership and our teachers, Josef Gingold and Franco Gulli.

  116. Louise Boyer Burky says:

    Dear Dean Webb,

    Warm wishes for a Happy Birthday! I graduated with an MM in 1964, Got tw0 more degrees including a Ph.D information systems, published etc. Of late, (10 years ago), I returned to the flute and continue to teach, play, and study! I remember you fondly and will NEVER forget my experience at IU. It and you were wonderful. I wish you all the best. You are still ‘my Dean’ and always will be.

    Louise Burky

  117. John Snyder says:

    I have special great memories of my time at IU! I haven’t been able to get back to Bloomington as often as I’d like, but it’s great to hear that you’re doing well.

  118. Jeannette Jung Segel says:

    Dear Dean Webb:
    Congratulations on your 80th birthday, and thank you for the wonderful leadership you’ve brought to Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. I remember so well when you assumed the deanship from Dean Bain and took the school to a new level of accomplishment. Although I’ve been retired for some time from the operatic stage, I’ve been able to use my IU training as a member of the Board of Trustees of Arizona Opera for 13 years, most recently as the immediate past chairman. Many opera theater alumni have performed with our company and presently two of the four members of our Marion Pullin Resident Artist Program are from IU: mezzo (now soprano) Laura Wilde and tenor David Margulis.
    Jeannette Jung Segel MM’73

  119. Happy Birthday to the man who believed in me from the beginning! I Pray good health, plenty of love and all the ice cream you can eat on your special day! Love ya Dean!

    Angela M. Brown

  120. Beth Lynch Duerden says:

    Happy Birthday, Dean Webb. You had a profound influence on my music career. After finishing my BME ’76 at IU, I went on to earn an MM and DMA at UNLV. Thank you!!!!

  121. Paul Addison says:

    Dean Webb, I was a student at the School of Music during the transition from Dean Bain’s administration to yours. I was always very impressed that you continued to perform recitals in addition to your administrative duties. I loved my time at IU. Thanks, and Happy Birthday!

  122. Joe Peacock, BM Voice '98 says:

    Happy birthday Dean Webb and thank you for all you did and continue to do for IUJSoM!

  123. Michelle Vlahos Webb says:

    Dear Dean Webb, I graduated from IU in 1980 with a music education degree. I don’t think I ever met you personally, but you always inspired me with your awesome leadership. I also got to hear you perform several times. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. You are loved and admired by so many.
    I have spent my entire adult life as a music teacher in the public school and enjoyed every minute of it. I am so grateful for the education I received at IU under your wonderful leadership. Happy Birthday! Sincerely, Michelle Vlahos Webb, BME 1980

  124. everett sparks says:

    Congratulations on reaching your ninth decade! You are remembered with affection and appreciation. ES, BM 81

  125. Sonia I. Morales-Matos, MM '92 says:

    Dear Dean Webb:

    I wish you a beautiful birthday. May God keep you and bless you very much. Thanks for your years of dedication to the Music School and for creating an environment of learning and a community of the world. Thanks to your initiatives, I still have friend musicians in places like Brazil, Colombia, Italy, and Spain. After so many years, I am still very proud of my education from IU- Bloomington.
    Many blessings your way!
    Sonia I. Morales-Matos

  126. Nora Courier says:

    happy birthday Doctor Webb!

  127. Julie Hawkins Michie says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I was the first Music Therapy major, 1960, and Kenda was the second, so we were good friends. Her internship followed mine at Madison State Hospital. You were in grad school at the time. I am so very happy I had the privilege of knowing her.

    Julie Hawkins Michie

    • Elizabeth (McClure) Wales says:

      Gosh, Julie –our paths must have crossed….I was at Madison in ’62~~and knew Kendra from music sorority. Wasn’t that a great program???

  128. Happy Birthday Dean Webb! I’m so proud to not only be a graduate of the IU School of Music, but to say I worked there as a staff member as well. I learned so much from you about leadership, how to handle complex and challenging situations, and how to manage one’s time. You are one of the great inspirations of my professional life. Many, many happy returns!


    Paul Helfrich
    BM ’84

  129. Jim Ramlet says:

    Happiest of Birthdays, Dean Webb, and many, many more!

  130. Susie Huls Filipowich says:

    Happy Birthday Dean Webb. I recall a nice memory of you when one day I appeared at your office door indicating my piano teacher (while testing for the proficiency exam) took several phone calls and stepped out of his office while I played the required pieces and scales….and then didn’t pass me! You asked me right then to sit at the piano in your office and instructed me to play various scales and my memorized selections. You gave me an A, and sent me on my way, promising me you would straighten out the situation on my records. THANK YOU! I graduated with a Music Degree in Voice (William Shriner) and Business Degree, am a proud Singing Hoosier alum, and still teach piano and voice today. Class of 1982

  131. Happy Birthday Dean Webb! I hope our paths cross again very soon!

  132. Janice Smith Applegate says:

    Happy Birthday, Dean Webb. Even before you became Dean you had a profound influence on the students in the School of Music. Thank you for your passion for music and people.

  133. John McGirr, trumpet major '80 says:

    Happy Day to you. The memory of your brisk walk up the pathway to the music building is still with me. Thanks for the memory, friendly musicianship and encouragement. Ein Heldenleiben and Trumpet Tune at your church in Bloomington are performances and markers in music making along my pathway. The very best wishes to you. Jack McGirr, IU ’80

  134. Bruno Nettl says:

    Congratulations and best wishes, Dean Webb, on your birthday. Many happy returns of the day!

  135. David Bannard says:

    I entered IU SOM in your first year as Dean, 1973. I continue to be grateful for what I consider to be an outstanding education and experience at IU. Although I am no longer a professional musician (I free-lanced for 10 years), I still sing as an amateur. One mark of how well IU prepared me is that I was accepted to Boston College Law School and graduated cum laude… Not a standard track for a BMusEd holder, but a satisfying one. Many happy returns, and thanks for your outstanding leadership. IU was excellent when you began your tenure, and you left it an even better place.

  136. Dave Dagg says:

    Happy Birthday, Dean Webb!

  137. Mathew Krejci says:

    Happy Birthday, Dean Webb!!

    I always remember you as an inspiration as a musician AND swimmer!!!
    Flute ’77
    Five Mile a Week Swimmer Since then!!!

  138. Dearest Dean Webb,
    You look exactly as you did when I was at IU (from 1970 to 79). Thanks so much for all you have done for the music school as well as your musical contributions. Have many, many more!

  139. Rachel Dickey says:

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for all you have done for IU! Cheers to a grand celebration on this day.

    MM 2006 Choral Conducting
    DM ABD Choral Conducting

  140. Edmund Cord says:

    Congratulations Charles,
    And thanks for hiring me!
    With All Best Wishes, Always,
    Edmund Cord

  141. Andrew Harper says:

    Happy Birthday and congratulations for all that you have meant to so many of us. Best wishes for many more happy birthdays.

  142. Happy Birthday!! Thank you Dean Webb for your leadership during those fiscally challenging years (1970’s and early ’80’s). During my IU study years, I never felt any of it; all I felt was the incredible environment of opportunity, creativity and open giving, all of which I cherish today. The tools I acquired while part of IU’s School of Music continue to serve me in my professional life. Thank you for being such an instrumental part of all of that. Catherine (B.S. Music (Voice)/Theatre, ’79; student of William Shriner and Virginia MacWatters; proud alumna of the Singing Hoosiers.

  143. Judy Caplan says:

    Dean Webb,

    Happy, Happy Birthday! I have such fond memories of my time at IU as a vocal performance major from the time I first stepped on campus as a high school student at the IU Music Academy in 1973, to singing with your choir at the church in Indy, through my graduation and being a counselor at the last IU Music Academy with my colleague and friend Stephen Rickards. IU was a terrific place to go to school and I am so proud to have a music degree from there under your leadership. Many thanks to you for making the Music School at IU so great!

  144. Dodd Lamberton says:

    Dean Webb, God bless you as you celebrate 80 years of life and ministry. My memory of you is of a gifted and wise servant-leader who embodied great integrity and superb musicianship. I will never forget the afternoon in the IU Auditorium when you were preparing one of the student orchestras for a guest conductor and a guest concerto pianist on the Tchaikowsky 1st — and Jorge Bolet came over the play the rehearsal … another organ student and I sneaked in to listen, and it was hair-raisingly good. (Mr. Bolet could PLAY!, and, of course, you can conduct). As the Scandinavians say, Takk fur Alt. Dodd Lamberton MMus ’73

  145. Angelo Joseph Chiarelli says:

    Dr. Webb,
    Wishing you a fantastic celebration of your Birthday!
    My years in the Masters Program in Voice at IU were very special under your leadership and direction from 1973-76.
    May your future be filled with many blessings and rewards.
    Angelo Joseph Chiarelli,

  146. Margaret Kennedy-Dygas says:

    Happy birthday, Dean Webb! I was a graduate student at IU during the middle period of your tenure as Dean. Everything I’ve done since then has been based on what I learned and experienced in Bloomington (and I’m about to assume a deanship of my own at Ohio University). Thanks so much, and may you have many more years of creativity! Peg

  147. Debbie Leyda Marshall says:

    Happy Birthday Dean Webb!!! Dad keeps me informed of what’s going on in your life–I can’t believe you’re turning 80!!

    Debbie (Leyda) Marshall

  148. Dr. Joseph Matthews says:

    Dear Dr. Webb,

    I wish you a wonderful birthday celebration, and thank you for your outstanding contributions to Indiana University Jacobs School of Music!

    All the best,

    Joe Matthews, Professor Emeritus, Chapman University

  149. Suzanne Ghent Gray says:

    Dr. Webb,
    Many more Happy Birthdays to you. I was a member of the I U Ballet Ensemble from 1958 to 1962 and am happily still teaching. I look back on my time in Bloomington as one of the best times of my life. Suzanne

  150. Heather & Daniel Narducci says:

    Happy Birthday Dean Webb. Daniel and I feel lucky to have known and worked with you over many years here in Bloomington. We hope you enjoy your 80th Celebration with friends and family, and experience many more healthy, happy years to come!

    Your friends,
    Heather & Daniel Narducci

  151. Darby Earles McCarty says:

    May you have many more years to enjoy life and bring enjoyment to lives. I look forward to a copy of your new book.

    Warmest Regard and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  152. Sallie Liesmann Matthews says:

    Dear Dean Webb – Happy birthday! I have such fond memories of you, not only as a child growing up in Bloomington with your sons, but of course from my time at IU, 1986-1991. You positively impacted many lives during your tenure, and are remembered and admired from afar. Enjoy your birthday. Celebrate accordingly – 80 is the new 60! Thanks for the music and leadership you brought into so many of our lives.

    Sallie (Liesmann) Matthews
    Los Angeles, CA

  153. Most happy of birthdays Maestro. I’m most grateful for your birth. Your influence on my life from small child to music professional was one of the strongest I’ve know. Not just for the great opera theater, but the effect on Bloomington itself. The musical power you’ve given Indiana is truly unique, as one who’s now traveled the world, I can only tell you that you are special and the work you have done salvation for many, many musicians in Indiana and beyond. I, for many, am forever grateful. For my education, my scholarship, and musicianship. Many, many thanks! Peace.

  154. Dear Dean Webb,
    You’re doing a great job! Many many happy returns and a healthy retirement someplace warm…..Enjoy the music….

  155. Chuck Prestinari says:

    Happy 80th Birthday, Charles! Wishing you a happy and healthy year ahead, and many more to come!

  156. Pam Duncan says:

    Happy Birthday! It is hard for me to believe that you are 80 years old. We celebrated so many birthdays in the office with Josef Gingold playing. I am sorry to miss your celebration today in Bloomington as we are in South Carolina this winter. Hope you have many more birthdays and are healthy and happy and still making beautiful music. Pam

  157. Jane Phillips says:

    Dear Dr. Webb,
    Have a wonderful birthday. You auditioned me for the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir back in 1974. I loved the New York-Washington D. C. Trip with Maestro John Nelson. I’ve had the opportunity to see you and hear your music
    since I’ve retired. The duet at Attica, Indiana was lovely. My daughter, Kim, an IU Medical grad accompanied you and the IU Opera to New York. She was the undergrad Technical Director for that tour. I loved singing under your direction. Thank you and have a great birthday. Jane

  158. Yvonne Kershaw says:

    Hello Dean Webb,
    I was at IU in the 80’s playing bassoon. Just saying Happy Birthday to you. I like many others remember your kindness to so many students. A valuable lesson for us all to learn.

  159. Kathy Anderson says:

    Dear Charles,
    Congratulations on reaching your 80th with good health and enthusiasm. You are an inspiration to all of those around you!

    Happy Birthday!

    Kathy And Gary Anerson

  160. Dennis Malone says:

    Dear Dean Webb,

    Congratulations on this milestone and all my best wishes.
    Many thanks again for your kind tribute to Marion Hall last May.

    Best wishes,

  161. Laura Chu Stokes says:

    Happy 80th Birthday! I vividly remember the first time we met — when my mother (Lucy Chu, BM ’51) brought me to IU to study with Walter Robert and you had just started your tenure as Dean. Even as a 10 yr old, I knew the School of Music was like no other. My daughter has just been accepted at IU, knowing/visiting the very special place that is Bloomington. Thank you for all that you have done — cheers! Laura Chu Stokes, BM ’85

  162. Stephanie Pettit Price says:

    Dean Webb,

    Happy 80th Birthday! I so cherish the time I spent at FUMC in the choir and learning from your beautiful organ playing. You were such an inspiration to me! The choir parties at your fabulous home were amazing!

  163. Allan Ross says:

    CONGRATULATIONS CHARLES. So many wonderful memories in such a variety of circumstances. Allan

  164. Laurel Vaughn says:

    Remembering my IU days and thanking you for being a good friend to my uncle and aunt, the Schuesslers. Have a blessed day and good years ahead!

  165. Anne Fraker says:

    You are amazing, Charles. May you have many more happy, healthy years in your rich, active life. Anne

  166. Dale Rieling says:

    Happy Birthday, Dean Webb. Thank you for always being so welcoming to this guest to the IU music community, and I hope you have a wonderful day of celebration.

  167. Ruth Albright says:

    Happy birthday, Charles. You make 80 look very good! Have a wonderful day.

  168. Ann Chang says:

    Happy Birthday Dean Webb-

    I remember the support and trust you gave me and our young family while we were students at IU. I miss the days in Bloomington and think of it as my true home. I sent a high school senior to audition there last month- I think she did well. I’m jealous of her upcoming years at IU, since it was so formative and precious to me. You and Kenda were very BIG part of the sweet memories there.

    Happy Birthday! (My son, Peter just turned 16 on February 13th!)
    Ann Chang (BM 85, MM 87, DM 03)

  169. Dana Mesick Brown says:

    Happy Birthday from the Class of 1983 !

  170. Kevin and Heidi Murphy says:

    Happy birthday, Dean Webb!
    All best wishes,
    Kevin and Heidi Murphy

  171. Jeremy Hunt says:

    Dearest Charles,
    Happy birthday and best wishes always!!

  172. Bruce Stephenson, Maria Schmidt, Greta and Marta says:

    Dear Charles,
    We send hugs and our warmest wishes for a wonderful celebration of your 80th birthday! How can that possibly be? You are an absolute marvel in so very many ways, Charles. We look forward to being blessed by your continued presence in our lives – both musically and as the very special friend that you are.
    Bruce, Maria, Greta, Marta

  173. Happy Birthday and Best Wishes for many more. Thank you for your kindness when I was a student.

  174. Karen Bennett says:

    Oh Charles! What an inspiration you have always been to me! Happy 80th!!