Sang Mi Ahn wins Republic of Korea Composition Prize

Sang Mi Ahn won the 31st Republic of Korea Composition Prize with her piece “Loki’s Castle” (2010).  This is one of the most prestigious awards given to Korean composers of traditional and western music.  The competition this year was held for composers of western music, with prizes awarded to winners of orchestral/opera music, chamber music, and solo/song categories.  “Loki’s Castle” won the category for chamber music and will be performed at the award ceremony in the Goyang Aram Nuri Arts Center (Goyang, Korea) on Nov. 22.

Ahn is currently a doctoral student in composition at the Jacobs School of Music.  She earned her Master of Music in Composition at Indiana University and has been an associate instructor for the Music Theory Department.  She is now studying with Claude Baker.

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