REVIEW: (HT International Vocal Ensemble) Auer Hall offers enjoyment, times 3

Music Review: Three concerts

Auer Hall offers enjoyment, times 3

By Peter JacobiH-T Reviewer
November 13, 2012

This is about a Sunday in Auer Hall at 4, 6 and 8 p.m.

At 4,

The International Vocal Ensemble, so sensitively trained and led by Katherine Strand, offered a program titled “Love on the Silk Road: Voices of Central Eurasia.” And there on stage were 32 students from all parts of the university who had chosen to devote many hours learning enough about the musical culture of distant lands to celebrate that music in song.

One heard songs from Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Iran, Hungary and elsewhere, most of them, indeed, about love, love happy and love not so, love romantic and love of land, people and traditions. Some songs were of simple line, gentle and lyrical; others, intricate and tongue-twisting. Strand’s ensemble seemed fully comfortable in handling whatever came along, the result undoubtedly of hard work and a leader’s ability to share her understanding.

From the university community also came Begaim Adilkhanova to strum a dombyra and sing two Kazakh songs and Muparrakh Musaeva to dance in Uzbek style. Shahyar Daneshgar provided accompaniment on instruments named dap and darbuka. Pianist Aida Huseynova collaborated with the ensemble in music of the Azeri people in Iran. Another pianist, Gulrukh Shakirova, assisted with Uzbek music, adding a couple of songs that were her own. It all amounted to hearing the world in an hour.

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