Gantez, “L’Entretien des musiciens” added to TFM

Annibal Gantez, L’Entretien des musiciens (divided into a first and a second part) has been added to to our seventeenth-century collection in Traités Français sur la Musique.

Thanks to Rika Asai, and of course to Peter Slemon, director of TFM.

As always, we are pleased to receive suggestions, corrections, or questions.

New Director of CHMTL

We are pleased to announce that Giuliano Di Bacco will be assuming the directorship of the Center for the History of Music Theory and Literature. Most recently from Cambridge, England, Giuliano Di Bacco is a medievalist working on polyphonic repertories and treatises of music theory of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries in Italy and France. His research deals with manuscripts and textual criticism, archival studies, and biographies, especially focusing on the musical chapels of the popes of the Great Schism, and the Ars nova in Italy and France. In 2009 Thomas Mathiesen, founder of the Center, stepped down as Director and was followed by Interim Director Peter Slemon, formerly CHMTL’s Associate Director.